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  1. The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door
    by Kristine Leschper
  2. Void Phases
    by House of Honour
  3. Blwch-ariam/Eiraddfa
    by Ocrilim
  4. Sound A Sleep Sound (full version)
    by Zac Nelson
  5. S T A Y O R A C L E
    by Zac Nelson
  6. D H O O P
    by Zac Nelson
  7. The Call Within
    by Tigran Hamasyan
  8. Digital Immortality
    by Eolith
  9. Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry
    by Speaker Music
  10. For Loss Of
    by Gorge Trio with Milo Fine
  11. The Made Ups
    by Gorge Trio
  12. Dead Chicken Fear No Knife
    by Gorge Trio
  13. Open Mouth, O' Wisp
    by Gorge Trio
  14. Methods Body
    by Methods Body
  15. History Never Gets Old
    by The Daydream Sound
  16. Tantabara
    by Tal National
  17. Zoy Zoy
    by Tal National
  18. Ygg huur
    by Krallice
  19. Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape
    by Dilute
    by Comfort Zone