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  1. EP II
    by Cook Bag
    Emo Song Emo Song
  2. By the Old Gods and the New
    by Disincarnation
    Slime God Slime God
    If you long for the undercurrent of genuine weirdness from the best early death metal bands that too often is lost on their modern day imitators, then this is the band for you. Some of the best OSDM I've heard in a while.
  3. Upon a Pale Horse
    by Below
    1000 Broken Bones 1000 Broken Bones
  4. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
    Anneliese Anneliese
    I'm 99% sure that James McBain does not know what 'coagulating' means. The music here is coming too fast and furious to do anything of the sort. This is everything that's fun about bands like Venom and Motorhead, but sharpened and tightened, with flourishes of thrash acts like Whiplash thrown in to add that extra surge of energy to the proceedings. This is as much fun as I've had with a black thrash/speed metal record, maybe ever, and will definitely be an AotY candidate for 2017.
  5. The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh
    by Madrost
    No Future No Future
    It's like Vektor's spaceship crashed on a planed populated from the aliens from every tech death album cover ever and rapidly adapted to breathe the atmosphere.
  6. Satan's Hallow
    by Satan's Hallow
    Beyond The Bells Beyond The Bells
  7. Cloaks of Oblivion
    by Eruption
    Drones Drones
  8. Skulthor Ebonblade
    by Temptation's Wings
    Lair of the Gorgon Queen Lair of the Gorgon Queen
  9. Ruins of Empires
    by Aeternam
    Damascus Gate Damascus Gate
  10. Trance Of Death
    by Venenum
    Entrance Entrance
  11. Aathma
    by Persefone
    An Infinitesimal Spark An Infinitesimal Spark
  12. Heartless
    I Saw The End I Saw The End
  13. Do Not Deviate
    by Replacire
    Do Not Deviate Do Not Deviate
  14. Starving Out the Light
    by Black Fast
    Obelisk Obelisk
  15. The Chills
    by Horrendous
    The Womb The Womb
  16. Curse of Denial - The 13th Sign
    by Curse of Denial
    The Tower of Silence The Tower of Silence
  17. Experiment Of Existence
    by Ripper
    Magnetic Solar Storms Magnetic Solar Storms
  18. II
    by Vale Of Pnath
    Klendathu Klendathu
  19. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    I Am The Hammer I Am The Hammer
  20. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
    The Guardian The Guardian
  21. Motivator
    by High Spirits
    Up and Overture Up and Overture
  22. Operation: Genesis
    by Euphoria
    Intro Intro
    Vektor-esque space thrash, but in a tighter orbit about classic thrash and NWOBHM with some of their riffs and tonal pallate. Their ambitions don't extend so far into the stars, but it does in many ways make them more immediate, and from my vantage point down here on Earth, they still seem to be reaching pretty far. One of the most exciting new bands out there.
  23. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Above The Water Above The Water
  24. The Crypts Of Sleep
    by Hannes Grossmann
    Silence Speaks Silence Speaks
  25. Invasion of the Tentacube
    by Xoth
    Antediluvian Annihilation Antediluvian Annihilation
    A glorious, ultra-melodic cocktail of late-period Death and black thrash chock full of great riffs and solos with a delightful twangy bass roiling and rumbling around underneath to keep things interesting. One of those albums that seemingly comes out of nowhere and blows you away. Drop down to your feeble knees and bow to the ooze.
  26. Finitude
    by Unfathomable Ruination
    Pestilential Affinity Pestilential Affinity
  27. The Last Witness
    by Zealotry
    Cybernetic Eucharist Cybernetic Eucharist
  28. Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
    The 6th Octopul'th Grin The 6th Octopul'th Grin
    I'm usually not big on the atmospheric/avant-garde stuff, and haven't quite been able to get into Howls of Ebb's prior efforts, but Cursus Impasse keeps enough of the semblance of OSDM structure and riffing as a foundation to properly demonstrate just how warped and bizarre it is. If Illud Divinum Insanus were actual evidence of God being crazy, as opposed to - as Morbid Angel's earlier work posited - dead, it might sound something like this. Weird and wonderful.