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  1. Erathems
    by Cronian
    Blackwater Horizon Blackwater Horizon
    To me Erathems is the best Cronian record to date. Øystein and Andreas really managed to create a huge wall of sound on this one. As can be expected, the songs explore a lot of different moods. The album is pretty dark at times, but the overall vibe of it is very positive.
  2. Sound Clown
    by Into The Zoid
    Claws Claws
    A great album for lovers of good ol' fierce hard rock. You can tell that the music is from the heart. The overall flow of the songs is really good and none of them sound forced. Definitely check this album out!
  3. The Forest Seasons Instrumental
    by Wintersun
    Loneliness (Winter) Instrumental Loneliness (Winter) Instrumental
    This album is one of a kind. I love it because it conveys so many different emotions. If I had to sum up what this album is all about in just five words, I'd say that it is a huge emotional roller coaster ride.
  4. Loneliness (Winter) Acoustic
    by Wintersun
    Loneliness (Winter) Acoustic Loneliness (Winter) Acoustic
    Loneliness (Winter) is perhaps the most touching song Jari has written to this day. This acoustic arrangement makes the song feel even more deep and intimate in some ways.
  5. Unrevealed - Instrumental
    by Sunless Rise
    Ghosts Of The Past (instr) Ghosts Of The Past (instr)
    I love this instrumental version of the album, because it reveals some of the details otherwise hidden behind the vocals. Interestingly, it doesn't kick ass any less, but of course, the whole experience is a little different.
  6. Unrevealed
    by Sunless Rise
    Ghosts Of The Past Ghosts Of The Past
    This album is absolutely mind-blowing. Listening to it transports me to the far Russian Siberia. Really excellent song writing and musicianship. The songs flow really well and none of them sound forced. I hope we won't have to wait long for the follow-up.