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    by KNOWER
    The Abyss The Abyss
    This is a great album from start to finish. Big grooves, supreme musicianship and booty shaking funtimes.

    (As an aside, Do Hot Girls Like Chords is the perfect soundtrack for when you’re in the 4th quarter and the scores are tied in RetroBowl!)
  2. Numbers: 1-13
    by Three Trapped Tigers
    I adore this album!
    It’s like all of my favourite music has been rolled into one.
    I’m getting flavours of Battles, The Bad Plus, Tigran Hamasyan mixed with all of my favourite electronica. And a lot more besides.
    I love every minute of it.
    Thank you. It’s found me at just the right time.
  3. Our Simulacra
    by The Flashbulb
  4. JAKE
    by Jerseyband
  5. Tragedi In The Mangky
    by Jerseyband
  6. Beast - Wedding
    by Jerseyband
  7. Little Bag Of Feet For Shoes
    by Jerseyband
  8. Forever Hammer
    by Jerseyband
  9. Lung Punch Fantasy
    by Jerseyband
  10. Christmasband
    by Jerseyband
  11. Nighty night
    by Lemonbobo
  12. Lost & Found
    by tomorrow the cure
  13. Barrys £1 Drama Underscore suite
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  14. Cross the Tracks (We better go back)
    by Barry & the Chivertons
  15. You're the One (In my heart)
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  16. C is for Charlie
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  17. Barrys Crass Appeal Hair Raiser
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  18. Smiling Face
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  19. Barrys Ultimate Fakes and Beats Vol 1 (Sample Pack)
    by Barry Beats AKA Si Spex
  20. Def Star Throwdown
    by Si Spex