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  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Punk
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  1. Crash The Party
    by Ovef Ow
  2. Ex Voto
    by Djunah
  3. Goodnight Sellout
    by Plow United
  4. Chosen No Ones
    by Laika's Orbit
  5. fin.
    by Sneeze
  6. Split EP w/ Lifestyles
    by Meat Wave
  7. vote of no confidence
    by sewingneedle
    by Jeremy Waun
  9. Child Bite / Brain Tentacles
    by various
  10. Fingers Are the Best Eyes
    by Drilling For Blasting
  11. Waterboarding
    by Unfun
  12. Spaces Between
    by Sabertooth
  13. Live At Dead Air
    by Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir
  14. Ordinary Lives
    by Ordinary Lives
  15. I Wanna Behave
    by Paradise
  16. Never Let You Drift Away
    by Supercrush
  17. Awareness
    by Aneurysm
  18. Headacher
    by Extra Arms
  19. split 7"
    by Cuddlefish / Burning Spring
  20. Ugly
    by Empty Heads
  21. s/t
    by Empty Heads
  22. Vacation 'Mouth Sounds #2699
    by Let's Pretend Records
  23. Shine and Scatter
    by Strange Passage
  24. Crybaby
    by Beach Bunny
    by Beach Bunny
  26. Pool Party
    by Beach Bunny
  27. SDOS 1998 - 2018
    by seven days of samsara
  28. Samsara b/w Planetary Wounds
    by Kent State
  29. On Days Soon To Pass
    by Tyler Daniel Bean
  30. Spinning
    by High Priests
  31. Bottom of the Barrel
    by Lung
  32. Sleeping On The Attic Floor
    by Twin Foxes
  33. I Don't Want to Be Sad Anymore
    by Supercrush
  34. I've Been Around
    by Supercrush
  35. Better Days
    by The Flips
  36. Selling Your Soul in a Buyer's Market
    by McGarnagle
  37. King Slender
    by King Slender
  38. Crystal Embryo
    by Sing, Bird of Prey
  39. Crepehanger
    by Crepehanger
  40. Lazy Looker
    by Montrose Man
  41. Moirai
    by Sphaeras
  42. Bad At Fun
    by Bow & Spear
  43. Errors
    by Absolutely Not
  44. Caustic Surge of Weary Oceans
    by Mountain Language
  45. AD269 Excessive Visage 'You Are Lost Anyway'
    by Already Dead Tapes and Records