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Wendy Brooke

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  1. The Island
    by Kylver
    Hy-Brasil Hy-Brasil
  2. Is Satan Real?
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Evil in your Eye Evil in your Eye
    Received this album today and, oh my word, it is brilliant! such an eclectic mix of influences, (in particular, Zappa and Black Widow) but all the while maintaining what i can only describe as a prog rock heart! I have been going on incessantly to anyone who will listen about what a fantastic album this is! The best i have heard this year, in fact. More of the same, please?
  3. Confound And Disturb
    by Robert Ramsay
    Open Up A Hole Open Up A Hole
  4. Phillip the Egg
    by Magic Bus
    Mystical Mountain (i) Twelve kings Mystical Mountain (i) Twelve kings
  5. Fate Outsmarts Desire
    by Kaprekar's Constant
    Hors d'Oeuvre Hors d'Oeuvre
  6. Smokonomicon
    by Grotto
    Giant's Den Giant's Den
    As heavy as it gets without losing sight of some fantastic melodies. Bloody lovely stuff!
  7. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Happy As Larry, Larry Is Dead Happy As Larry, Larry Is Dead
  8. AMTP
    by alpha male tea party
    Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich
    This band is my favourite earworm. I don't think I've heard anything by them that I actually dislike!
  9. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis
    The titles alone on some of these tracks sold the album to me before i'd even heard the music! Saying that, the album is a scorcher,and it was a privilege to buy it!