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  1. Isolation
  2. kOsmik
    by Violet Cold
  3. Horror Tribute Collection
    by The House
  4. Total Desecration of Existence
    by Azelisassath
  5. CENDRES DE HAINE (Int) - "Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis Tome II"
    by Schattenkult Produktionen
  6. End Of I
    by Art Of Empathy
  7. All That Has Never Been True
    by ULTHA
  8. Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
    by Ad Nauseam
  9. A Grey Chill And A Whisper
    by Beltez
  10. The Rose and the Cross
    by Hetroertzen
  11. Witterung
    by Shores of Ladon
  12. The Broken Seal
  13. Poison Palinopsia
  14. The Path of the Clouds
    by Marissa Nadler
  15. δóξα
    by Plutonyan
  16. To The Great Monolith II
    by DVT
  17. Monarch of Dark Matter
    by Palus Somni
  18. The Greater Evil
    by ColdCell
  19. Seeds of Despair
    by pure
  20. Cold Earth - Your Misery, My Triumph
    by Cold Earth