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  1. Faithless Rituals
    by Sky Valley Mistress
  2. Palmyra
    by The Fizz Fuzz
  3. Refractions
    by Lowrider
  4. Freewheelin' (Single)
    by Fever Dog
  5. Slow Fidelity
    by Domkraft
  6. Dying on the Mountain
    by Big Scenic Nowhere
  7. Dying on the Mountain
    by Big Scenic Nowhere
  8. Volume One
    by Fever Dog
  9. Mercury Sea
    by Dali's Llama
  10. Oll Korrect
    by Bone Acre
  11. Valley Of The Universe
    by Full Tone Generator
    Shermin Drive Reprise Shermin Drive Reprise
  12. The Revolt Against Tired Noises
    by Yawning Man
  13. Scattered Days
    by Dandy Brown
  14. Fourth of July
  15. Stoned Gold
    by 3rd Ear Experience
  16. Professional Sinners
    by Charley Horse
  17. Historical Graffiti
    by Yawning Man
    The Wind Cries Edalyn The Wind Cries Edalyn
  18. The Blossom E.P.
    by Dali's Llama
    Bacteria Bacteria
  19. Double Quartet Serie #01
    by Hifiklub Vs Fatso Jetson
    Glorious Whores Glorious Whores
  20. Muddafudda
    by earthlings?
    Stoner Rock Rules (who wrote the) Stoner Rock Rules (who wrote the)
    Thanks for this digital upload, is it possible to have a pdf/jpg file included in the album download with liner notes: musicians, who plays what, studio, producer etc?
    The album it's great, thank you