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  1. Saarbrücken, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. ISMVA002.3
    by Ismus
  2. Gijensu - Need For Lead (ISM001)
    by Gijensu
  3. Waves EP
    by Power Culture
  4. Onryo [ARTSCORE007]
    by Introversion
  5. Sawmill
    by Keith Carnal
  6. Totsuka No Tsurugi
    by I Hate Models
  7. Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown
    by I Hate Models
  8. Body Brain
    by Keith Carnal
  9. Die Illusion
    by Obscure Shape and SHDW
  10. Independent Riot Corps
    by FabrikC
  11. Gleichstrom
    by FabrikC
  12. digital riots
    by FabrikC
  13. Impulsgeber
    by FabrikC
  14. Widerstand
    by FabrikC
  15. Brecc - Overloaded
    by Brecc
  16. Exilles - Land of Resurrection
    by Exilles
  17. RIV1
    by IN VERRUF
  18. RNF2
  19. RK4
    by KOBOSIL
  20. RCM003 R.I.P (Rave in Peace)
    by Cristian Marras
  21. Lost One's Mind.
    by Weyner.Vanke
  22. Helios On Acid (Ft. Léda)
    by Weyner.Vanke
  23. When The Drug Kicks In.
    by Weyner.Vanke
  24. The Voice Of Rave.
    by Weyner.Vanke
  25. Induced Coma.
    by Weyner.Vanke
  26. Power Riot
    by TreuHand
  27. ISMVA002.2
    by Ismus
  28. The Maze Inc
    by Nukubus
  29. [FBM015] Grain of Madness incl./ Hakko & Aahan Remixes
    by Veta.M
  30. [FBM011] VA - FBM Roster vol.11
    by Oposition, Dyen, SDB, Sted Mørk, IGNOTA
  31. [FBM010] VA - FBM vol.10
    by Salem Unsigned, Bleim01, Blurred Boy, ArchivOne, Vønshk
  32. [FBM007] VA - FBM vol.7
    by Veta-M, Sluhg, PONA, Analog, Mimmo
  33. [FBM009] VA - FBM Roster vol.9
    by TRBL, HMRH, K Ø Z L Ø V, Null Value, BLK KVR
  34. [FBM012] VA - FBM vol.12
    by Monbaars, Wacky Kid, STRKTUR, DetroUser, Matrheim
  35. [FBM008] VA - FBM vol.8
    by HAT-R, Maldito, SVNT, Ket Robinson, Donü
  36. [FBM014] Brecc - Reptile EP
    by Brecc
  37. Various Artists - Alchemy [ITV 003]
  38. Various Artists - Faceless Queen [ITV 001]
  39. Ephaze - Horntailer
  40. Various Artists - Inside The Red Eyed Of Hades [ITV 002]
  41. Y0TA - Peacekeeper EP
  42. SWART - The Screamer
    by SWART
  43. Die Blume (The Flowers Of Evil)
    by Tears on Waves
  44. Velvet May | Unknown Bodies (w/ Years Of Denial & Autumns Remix) [TWS002]
    by Velvet May
  45. Velvet May | Phoebe's White Skin [TWS003]
    by Velvet May