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  1. Gypsies, Heroes, Pirates & Beggars: A Science Fiction Story
    by Captain Andy
    Way Of The Warrior Way Of The Warrior
  2. Bringin' Home The Beans EP
    by Captain Andy
    Bringin' Home The Beans Bringin' Home The Beans
  3. Sci-fi/Fantasy
    by Book of Wyrms
    Leatherwing Bat Leatherwing Bat
    Really beautiful album. Love the fuzzy, low-fi production. Listened to the whole album many times now and it always transports me away to a land of dim lighting, beanbags and spilled beer.
  4. Yodh
    by מזמור
    iii. The Serpent Eats its Tail iii. The Serpent Eats its Tail
    Really nice sounding album. With a good pair of earphones, there is a lot of subtlety to be investigated here.
  5. Twelve Monkeys E.P.
    by 1Q94
    Twelve Monkeys Twelve Monkeys
    Solid EP with some strong lyrics and musical highlights and legit vegan philosophy. Support this shit.