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  1. Turin, Italy
  2. Punk
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  1. Rejection Pact - Threats Of The World
    by Rejection Pact
  2. Ripping / Pulling / Tearing
    by Chamber
  3. When Fear Turns To Confidence
    by Pure Noise Records
  4. The Body Prison: Cantos
    by Caged Existence
  5. intrusive thoughts
    by absent
  6. Sacrilegious Pain
  7. The Infringement of God's Plan
    by Sanction
  8. 4-Way Split
    by Sanction
  9. One Way Out
    by Shackled
  10. FSR42 - When Love Dies
    by Outsider
  11. Broken In Refraction
    by Sanction
  12. Promo 2019
    by Vantage Point
  13. Most Vicious Animal
    by Hive
  14. Unfulfilled
    by Piece of Mind
  15. Discomposure
    by Reactions
  16. Stuck With the Flow
    by Second Sight
  17. Soul Drive
    by Stickup Kid
  18. Symmetry Lover
    by Symmetry Lover
  19. FSR41 - Adrenaline
    by Adrenaline
  20. Promo 2019
    by FAKE EYES
  21. Silently, I Threw Them Skyward
    by We Never Learned To Live
  22. 9 Reasons Not To Live
    by Buried Dreams
  23. Smile! Aren't You Happy?
    by Absence of Mine
  24. PYC019: In Desperation...
    by Envision
  25. aqua cross
    by NVM
  26. Cruelty
    by Cruelty
  27. In The Grasp Of The Machines
    by Cruelty
  28. The Grand Descent
    by Fuming Mouth
  29. Fearless
    by Trail of Lies
  30. Rust - EP
    by Rust
  31. We All Suffer
    by No Way To Live
    appears in 1 other collection
  32. More Weight
    by 3weekoldroses
  33. When Then Becomes Now
    by Abuse of Power
  34. What On Earth Can We Do
    by Abuse of Power
  35. 3 SONG PROMO
    by construct
  36. Who The Hell Is WILD SIDE?
    by Wild Side
  37. IOU #17 - Accepting What We Know
    by Method of Doubt
  38. Failed Entertainment
    by FURY
  39. You Were The Gasoline
    by Mortality Rate
  40. S/T
    by Hell of Self
  41. Era Of Decay
    by RISK IT!
  42. Promo 2018
    by Momentum
  43. A.R.
    by Arm's Reach
  44. extendedplaytwo
    by moralslip
  45. C U L T
    by The Lowest