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  1. Invisible Woman
    by The Baby Seals
  2. Id'd At Aldi
    by The Baby Seals
  3. Cuckoo Spit [EP]
    by Chemtrails
  4. The Joy of Sects [LP]
    by Chemtrails
  5. The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable [LP]
    by Chemtrails
  6. Love in Toxic Wasteland / Headless Pin Up Girl [LP]
    by Chemtrails
  7. The Buried Believers single
    by Evil Blizzard
  8. Mild Misogynist
    by The Baby Seals
  9. Spunky!
    by Grrrl Gang
  10. Costasol
    by TVAM
  11. Tide of Men
    by TV FACE
  12. Attack Of The Voo-Dooms
    by The Voo-Dooms
  13. Thoughtless Cruelty
    by Thank
  14. Metaphysical
    by Chum
  15. Get Forever... Delete Don't Want
    by Callum Easter
  16. The Last Rotation Of Earth
    by BC Camplight
  17. BSA Day / Better Luck Next Time
    by Objections
  18. Santa Claus (featuring Charley Stone)
    by DUCK
  19. Rapture
    by Emily Breeze
  20. Miffed
    by Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something