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  1. 3 Songs
    by fächern
  2. NEST: a Compilation Supporting Trans Youth and Their Families
    by Various Wonderful Folks
  3. Peel Session (Remastered)
    by Max Tundra
  4. Innocent Monster
    by Sandhya
  5. Sound Effects: From The Indoors & Outside
    by Analog Samples
  6. Opa, bring dich um | Extreme Youth
    by fächern
    Extreme Youth Extreme Youth
    uniquely unfriendly, prickly, abrasive, exhausting - all the more cathartic for it
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  7. The Talkies
    by Gilla Band
    Shoulderblades Shoulderblades
    a super-high rate of ideas per minute. a vocalist that bounces back and forth between meek little melodies and nauseated screaming. ambitious and unpredictable; absolutely sickening
  8. Boychoir
    by Hissing Tiles
    The Two Of Us The Two Of Us
    noise-punk with a theatrical flair. pleasantly eerie. full of crunchy dissonance.
  9. Land of Dreams
    by Kevin
  10. Neither Regions
    by Marzanna Drowning
  11. fertile doubts
    dawn boy dawn boy
    messy and intricate. infinite detail. weird-catchy
  12. Angel
    by Kevin
  13. Room Inside the World
    by Ought
    Take Everything Take Everything
  14. fragilism
    marescape marescape
    gorgeous dissonance. relatable because my life is also dumb and i am, indeed, a dumb boy
  15. divination :: ritual
    by frejyalune
  16. Drop Out/Sleep In
    by New Science Projects
    Negatory Negatory
    a terrible terrible terrible terrible day but a fantastic voice
  17. form less
    by jordaan mason
  18. Wear Headphones
    by Flying Batteries
    Colour You Colour You
    big & noisy & beautifully produced & liable to get stuck in your head
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  19. the decline of stupid fucking western civilization
    by jordaan mason
    of hospitals of hospitals
    there are not enough things out there that are about the things that this is about, and there are not enough songs out there that sprawl and spread as much as these do
  20. Effection
    by Nukua