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  1. Svartskogen, Svartvinter... (demo)
    by Vintlechkeit
    Svartvinter... Svartvinter...
    Imagine: An enveloping blizzard sways your snow-covered tree. Above the heights in your nest, you drift in and out of consciousness from fatigue. Nature's palate cleanser is upon you.

    Now, you must wait. Sleep be damned. You're confident you'll live to Spring.
  2. Split with MindSpring Memories
    by MindSpring Memories / Tyler G. Holst
    Tranquility Spheres Tranquility Spheres
    After dozens of deep breaths to the virtual seabed, I've at last deevolved and grown my gills. I can now swim to the deeps and gaze upon lost artifacts from the 21st Century AD.

    The Legends are true: even in rusted death, the DX-7 synthesizer echoes across the ancient Abyssal Plains. May these warm cyclical notes lead me further down the cold Hadal Zone trenches.

    Hades willing, my ending will then be complete.
  3. Consumed by Elder Sign
    by Innsmouth
    Consumed By Elder Sign Consumed By Elder Sign
    Dreaming. Waiting. In these Dark Corners of the Earth, spectres from 1349 prophesied the Deep Ones coming. Sanity shatters upon Devils Reef as the Esoteric Order of Dagon's crusade is fully Consumed by Elder Sign.

    "Cyclopean Cities Emerge . . . From the Deeps"
  4. Nothingness
    by Glaring
    Polaris Polaris
    Nestled between these synths rest dimming stars of different Greek, Roman and Arab namesakes.

    Many are solitary with no kin to share their fading light. But, for the serendipitous few binary stars, a timeless celestial dance with their dying partners is seized. Each of these forlorn stars withholds forgotten tales of love lost from antiquity’s time.

  5. Wave Variations
    by 36
    Eighth Sequence Eighth Sequence
    Upon hearing "Eighth Sequence," the sea foam recedes from the mind and a wavering melody emerges as if in tribute to Donkey Kong Country's OST.

    Like "Aquatic Ambience", these subtle resonances awaken our forgotten legacy of the Devonian Period 350 million years ago. During this Age of the Fish, we Primates use to ride the grandiose Marlins for miles amongst the ocean depths.

    In time, we shall again!
  6. Av Gudablod Röd...
    by Trolldom
    Av Nagelbyggt, från Döda Män Av Nagelbyggt, från Döda Män
    Woven with feminine vocal tones, these crystalline synths form an ice-infused kaleidoscopic vision. Deep in the frozen forest where spirits roam, the seductive Huldra speak in their ancient tongues.

    Swartadauthuz desperately needs to release another Trolldom demo.
  7. Valo Aikojen Takaa
    by Antimateria
    Sieltä Mistä Valokaan Ei Milloinkaan Karkaa Sieltä Mistä Valokaan Ei Milloinkaan Karkaa
    These cavernous synths hearken to Donkey Kong Country's stellar OST "Life in the Mines."

    Rummage through the darkness on each paw and beware the bottomless chasms.
  8. Silence
    by Inoriand
    Silence VIII Silence VIII
    A beautiful contradiction. How may one portray silence through sound?

    This. This is how.
  9. The Gods Themselves
    by microcosmys / La Torture des Ténèbres
    dua dua
    As turbulent as the climax of the esteemed novel itself, witness the unfolding of human comprehension as double-bass pedals distort into incinerating plasma beams.

    A worthy homage to Азимов The Great.
  10. This Divine Shelter
    by ulk
    While Mountains Move While Mountains Move
    For Cyrodiil wanderers of the Elder Scrolls Oblivion, this is the soundtrack you've been yearning.

    Most reminiscent to Jeremy Soule's majestic "Watchman's Ease" (town_4), Ulk's masterpiece "While Mountains Move" conjures harp-infused memories of joyous travels through the warm meadows in The Heartlands west of Cheydinhal.
  11. Social Disservices
    by Panopticon
    Patient Patient
    Phenomenal percussion; a rare specialty in one-man bands. The blissful ambient interlude on the 20-minute track "Patient" offers meditative reprieve from the reverberating onslaught.
  12. Last Will
    by Introversion
    It's a Long Way Down It's a Long Way Down
    The prismatic "It's A Long Way Down" frames a passive submergence below the salty surface:

    Sink as aquamarine colors distort into dark shades of green emerald. Descend as the senses transmute to a final blackened sapphire blue.

    Sleep well upon the ocean bed.
  13. R.A.I.D.S. demo
    by BERATOR
    Sultans of Incest Sultans of Incest
    When can we mortals expect a full debut? Pure ferocity.
  14. Effigies Of Evil (Deluxe Version)
    by Hooded Menace
    Evoken Vulgarity Evoken Vulgarity
    Imagine: Off the shoreline, a distant wave is slowly building on the horizon for the duration of this album. The track Evoken Vulgarity bears down and the concluding swirling riff overpowers all coastline civilization.

    Drown beneath sunken concrete and crumpled metal...
  15. Winter
    by Swamp Temple
    Carrion Carrion
    Imagine: It is late Fall and your corpse has been at the bottom of a New England lake for some time now. In a final effort to not be forgotten for the Winter, you make one final squelch from your bloated soggy lungs...
  16. Askeladden
    by Algiz Dawn
    From Under the Soil From Under the Soil
    If the dungeoneer An Old Sad Ghost was lost in interstellar space, these wavering piano synth melodies would guide that forgotten sad spirit through the dust.

    Only the haze is clear...
  17. In a Lonely Place
    by Introversion
    Un Esprit Solitaire Un Esprit Solitaire
    Quintessential Melancholy. Each iteration of the melody in "Un Esprit Solitaire" leads your Lonely Spirit towards tranquil meaninglessness.
  18. Miserere
    by Burgen
    Zinnen, Welch'gen Himme Ragen Zinnen, Welch'gen Himme Ragen
    Oddly satisfying to witness the songs from Burgen's original "Demonstratio" demo get segmented for this reissue. Although it seems blasphemous for those four songs to be rearranged in a new order for this album, this is nevertheless a superb reincarnation.
  19. Der letzte Koenig | Der erste Koenig II
    by An Old Sad Ghost
    Der erste Koenig Der erste Koenig
    Consider the final track: an invigorating escalation from a simple beat to an inter-weaving of organ and piano melodies. An intrinsic melancholy that only An Old Sad Ghost can emanate.

    The Resurrection!
  20. From the tombs of Videna
    by An Old Sad Ghost
    A masterful arrangement of emotive piano synth accompanied by electronic interludes of Final Fantasy VII-esque thematic wanderings.

    A somber yet hopeful experience.