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  1. Plèvre
    by Plèvre
  2. XII
    by Hexis
  3. Elysian Magnetic Fields
    by Dirge
  4. Death Posture
  5. Providence
    by Ulthar
  6. Along The Acheron
    by Daggers
  7. Nullity
    Versterven Versterven
    After few seconds of listening to this I was hooked, this is an awesome album. Fantastic vocals and a brilliant sludge metal vibe bristleling with darkened rage and immense doominess. I had to buy it!
  8. Deathbed (Remastered)
    by Unfurl
    Oleander Oleander
    I absolutely love this band so I had to buy this fantastic sludge driven album. Unfurl are awesome!!
  9. Enemy of the Sun
    by Neurosis
    Enemy of the Sun Enemy of the Sun
    The one album I haven't got of Neurosis and now I have it, what an album this really is. I absolutely love Neurosis and this album ticks all the boxes.
  10. Culture of Petty Thieves
    by GROHG
    Capital Capital
    These guys can do no wrong, utter glorious heavy hardcore metal.
  11. Cosmogon
    by Unfold
    Hystrion Hystrion
    Cosmogon is a metallic post-metal beast, fantastic start to what Unfold can really do. Excellent album, so pure in creative and production.
  12. Time Immemorial
    by Heron
    Long In The Tooth Long In The Tooth
    Another tectonic slab of blackened sludge from Heron, the songs are even darker than there previous album. Heron must be hailed as one of the masters of this genre.
  13. Less Life
    by Died
    Less is More Less is More
    Post-punk banger that rips in all the right places. Unhinged guitars, beautifully arranged vocals and enough swaggering attitude to make you want to dance like an idiot.
  14. Relentless Struggle
    by Easy Prey
    A Study In Acute Narcissism A Study In Acute Narcissism
    OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!! 🤘This an absolute BANGER, especially the last song. Easy Prey have produced a stunning mini album of experimental heaviness, well done chaps!
  15. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
    Nothing To Win Nothing To Win
    Beautiful and heavy is what makes me feel when I listen to this great album. I really got lost in the moment listening to this stunning epic album. It needs to be listened to over and over, it can only be YOB, hats off to this great band.
  16. Neon Noir Erotica
    by Daggers
    Harvester Harvester
    I missed Daggers but not anymore, they have returned in fantastic fashion just to infiltrate my ears. What a fantastic return to form and a fantastic album, its brilliant!
  17. The Divine Light Of A New Sun (Dissonant Black Metal)
    by NORSE (Australia)
    Drowned By Hope Drowned By Hope
    Harsh black metal that scrapes the walls like a demonic machine. Amazing dark atmospheric hellish sounds that seem to creep up on you and make you scare yourself, stunning album for you who like blackened metal.
  18. Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning
  19. The Depths of Madness
    by Intestinal Disgorge
  20. IIII
    by Neige Morte