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  1. Danzig Sings Elvis
    by Danzig
  2. Concrete Realms of Pain
    by Caskets Open
  3. The Song Of The Nibelungs
    by Wotan
  4. Haereticus Empyreum
    by Gothic Stone
  5. Throwback
    by Power Glove
  6. White Thane
    by Solstice
  7. Demo MMXIX
    by Peasant
  8. Demo MMXIX
    by Peasant
  9. Mana
  10. II
    by Petrichor
    by CHALICE
  12. Introspection
    by Gusztáv Fekete
  13. RITUALS (2018)
    by Eirð
  14. Split with Satan's Satyrs
    by Windhand
  15. Surface to Air
    by Zombi
  16. Deadly bits of iron fragments EP
    by Sacral Rage
  17. Endless Night
    by Crypt Vapor
  18. Twisted Tower Dire - Daylight Fades Demo 2000
    by Twisted Tower Dire
  19. Netherworlds
    by Twisted Tower Dire
  20. Twisted Tower Dire Demo 1995
  21. Twisted Tower Dire Demo 1997
    by Twisted Tower Dire
  22. The Isle of Hydra
    by Twisted Tower dire
  23. Letters From The Damned/Ota Merkityn Numero (Digital Single Download)
    by Vinum Sabbatum
  24. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  25. God Οf Τhe Deep Unleashed
    by Wrathblade
  26. Endless Skies
    by Ashbury
  27. Evocations
    by Unit Black Flight
  28. Lightning Wheel
    by RID
  29. Infiltration and Extraction
    by Unit Black Flight
  30. Where is Carlos
    by Unit Black Flight
  31. Black Horizons
    by Crypt Vapor
  32. Dies Irae
    by Crypt Vapor
  33. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
  34. Evocations
    by Unit Black Flight
  35. Terminal - Zadnji Izlet
    by Terminal
  36. Live at Roadburn 2014
    by E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr
  37. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
  38. Naonian City Nights (CHAR08)
    by Alessandro Parisi
  39. Reflections
    by Tarot
  40. The Sadist
    by Ubre Blanca
  41. We March Forward
  42. The Reaper's Spiral
    by Terminus
  43. Tombe Della Città
    by Crypt Vapor
  44. Seed of Evil
    by Initiated
  45. Banzai
    by Wartorn