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  1. Extreme Gabber Kicks Sample Pack Vol. 1
    by Sonshayne Sounds
  2. Break This Motherfucker!
    by Casketkrusher
  3. Combined Forces E.P.
    by Casketkrusher VS. Wave-X
  4. Totally Out Of Control
    by Hellcreator
  5. X-Rave
    by Members Of Total Destruction
  6. Hardcore Files
    by Total Destruction Records / Casketkrusher
  7. Mind Explosion E.P.
    by Sonic Trip
  8. The Ripper E.P.
    by Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker
  9. Gabba Style With A Smile E.P.
    by Casketkrusher
  10. Returning To The Source E.P.
    by Maynor
  11. Under The Influence
    by Rodox Trading
  12. Fistful Of Hardcore
    by Casketkrusher
  13. Let's Get Crazy E.P.
    by Casketkrusher
  14. Rougher & Tougher
    by Casketkrusher
  15. Welcome To The Rave Dome
    by Hellcreator
  16. Speed, Power, Leather E.P.
    by Various
  17. Energy Flow
    by Sir Trancelott & Happical Movement
  18. To The Extreme
    by The Soul Seeker
  19. Nineties Rave Retrospective, Volume 3 (Total Destruction Edition)
    by Goreshit
  20. Hardcore Force
    by Interior
  21. 200
    by Casketkrusher
  22. Keiharde Muziek
    by Heartbeat Kid vs. Casketkrusher
  23. Hardcore Smashed Face
    by Disembowelment
  24. Remixed
    by Casketkrusher
  25. Dangerous E.P.
    by Rodox Trading
  26. Bass 4 Ya' Face E.P.
    by DJ Ad
  27. The Happy Hardcore E.P.
    by Casketkrusher
  28. The Happy Hardcore Remixes
    by Casketkrusher
  29. Manipulation E.P.
    by The Manipulator
  30. Jump Up!
    by Casketkrusher & Adrian Overdrive
  31. The Cyber Raver's Revenge E.P.
    by Casketkrusher
  32. Phalanx E.P.
    by Interior
  33. The Final Solution
    by Disembowelment & Hellcreator
  34. The Past, The Present, The Future 2014
    by Casketkrusher
  35. Trancefusion E.P.
    by Aichryson & DeepThinker
  36. Members Of Total Destruction: "Sounds From The Underground"
    by Various
  37. Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil (The Casketkrusher Remix)
    by Rottencore
  38. Into The Vortex E.P.
    by Malice
  39. Members Of Total Destruction: "Welcome To The Killing Fields"
    by Various
  40. Total Annihilation
    by Autotomize & DJ Ad
  41. Ultra Machine
    by Dr. Drakken
  42. Bee-Having E.P.
    by Casketkrusher
  43. Don't Judge Me
    by Judge Dredd persecuted Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker
  44. Happy Mayhem E.P.
    by E-Core & Malice
  45. Realm Of The Raver's [EARLY TERROR]
    by Hellcreator