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  1. Anomaly
    by Stilz
  2. My Delorean (feat. Primo)
    by Timecop1983
  3. The Comeback Kid
    by The Midnight
  4. A Thousand Lives (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
    by At 1980
  5. Lost In A Maze (Feat. Time Travel)
    by Cassetter
  6. Hotel Pools & Forhill - Descent
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
  7. Hello Sky
    by Zane Alexander
  8. Memory Drive
    by Caspro
  9. Static (feat. The Midnight)
    by Timecop1983
  10. Light Years (feat. Nikki Flores)
    by The Midnight
  11. Cars 2k18 (Max Maschina Retrowave Radio Edit)
    by Olga Vosconyan
  12. Explorers
    by The Midnight
  13. Vicious Cycle
    by Mystic Braves
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Continuum
    by Eagle Eyed Tiger
  15. Arwelone - Everlasting Journey
    by Future City Records
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Pleasure
    by The Louder The Better
  17. Pléiades
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
  18. Discovery
    by Lucy In Disguise
  19. Voyager
    by Key Puncher
  20. Open
    by Emil Rottmayer
  21. De Lorra - Our First House Was A Basement
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
  22. America 2
    by The Midnight
  23. After School (feat. ill-esha)
    by Slicarus
  24. Night Drive
    by Northern Lights
  25. Love Is A Battlefield (Quixotic Remix)
    by Robots With Rayguns
  26. Lost Boy
    by The Midnight
  27. Stormless
    by Lyde
  28. Sea and Space
    by Caspro
  29. Tie Break
    by Superflight
  30. Somnusphere
    by Caspro
  31. Octoparis
    by Ferus Melek
  32. Lonely Circuit
    by Ferus Melek
  33. Streets
    by Moonrunner83 & Megan McDuffee
  34. Program 893 feat. Megan McDuffee
    by Mitch Murder, Megan McDuffee
  35. Dune Riders
    by Ferus Melek
  36. Destinies
    by ALEX & Megan McDuffee
  37. Sound The Alarm
    by Aysyne
  38. Bad Tourist
    by Madelyn Darling
  39. Phone Lines (feat. Hayley Stewart)
    by Arcade High
  40. Visions
    by Sub Morphine
  41. Golden
    by Chris Huggett & Parallels
  42. Art3mis & Parzival
    by GUNSHIP
  43. Elegance & You
    by Korine
  44. Memories
    by The Midnight
  45. The Last Man (Radio Wolf Remix)
    by Parallels