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  1. 'Variants' by Cobalt Chapel
    by Regal Worm
  2. Pig Views
    by Regal Worm
  3. Resurgam I, Resurgam II
    by The Stargazer's Assistant
  4. Severance
    by Soror Dolorosa
  5. Apollo (Hi Res - 24 bit)
    by Soror Dolorosa
  6. Blind Scenes
    by Soror Dolorosa
  7. No More Heroes
    by Soror Dolorosa
  8. Apollo
    by Soror Dolorosa
    Night is Our Hollow Night is Our Hollow
    Quite simply; this album beguils the senses and allows you to wander wide-eyed among the landscape of your mind, lulled into security by Tennyson, then hauled into the clamour of forgotten spirits. Great via headphones but, truly widescreen when blasted from speakers.
  9. Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (Expanded Edition)
    by Stereolab
  10. Until They Feel the Sun
    by Moon Letters
  11. Until They Feel the Sun
    by Moon Letters
    Those Dark Eyes Those Dark Eyes
    A bequiling album full of wigged-out instrumental passages that are hauntingly nostalgic ... and then there are the bouncing psychedelic songs that sound (a little bit) like (a little bit) of every 60's song you can half-remember. It's heartwarming to find a band as good as this, and discover this is their debut: like 'Skaar' i look forward to their future.
  12. A Man of Silt
    by Odradek Room
    Rain Trip Rain Trip
    Above, i have picked 'Rain Trip', though i could have picked any of the tracks. I knew 'A Man of Silt' was good but, the debut album is also quite a find; some of the vocals are a bit weak but ... what the hell, i'm nit-picking.
    The 'CD Pack' was well worth it.
  13. Feed Me To The Stars
    by SKAAR
    Manic Moonlight Manic Moonlight
    A really good debut album well constucted and full of hooks that you'll be humming for the rest of the night. A lucky find. I look forward to their future.