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  1. Dead in the Dirt
    by Rotting Slab
    stalker stalker
  2. Legalize It
    by Dope Smoker
    Over Over
    Dope Smoker is back! Louder, fuzzier and trippier than ever. In my oppinion MARIJUANA was a green printed bible for every fan of grungy psych-rock / -doom, but this one is just rolling up every page of its legacy and burns its massive core even stronger inside of my head and lungs. Keep it up, guys! This sound wave of yours is getting bigger and bigger, though you're riding it pretty hard grinding. All hail Dope Smoker! Bring these dudes some cash and a contract for this legendary discography!
  3. The Call Of Agony
    by Slund
    Resentment Resentment
  4. Paradise
    by Soulground
    Paradise Paradise
    by Paramnesia
    V V
  6. Brache
    by Brache
    Brache Brache
  7. Physical Removal
    by Acid Dream
    Natural Selection Natural Selection
  8. Dying Light
    by Void Omnia
    Remanence of a Ghost Haunt Remanence of a Ghost Haunt
  9. Nature
    by NYOS
    Nature Nature
  10. Passage
    by ALDA
    The Clearcut The Clearcut
    This record and its sound is so overwelmingly beautiful, it stole my body and kept spinning a web of agony in hope around my head for hours and hours, without me noticing, that it even had an end in between.
    Every song floats like a river, every note, sound and instrument leaves a path to a never ending circle of a haunting, but emotionally outbursting and powerful release - one of my closest favorites so far, I have to admit.
    Thank you, Alda
    Atmofear brought me here. <23
  11. Slayer - Raining Blood (Hexenkraft Remix)
    by Hexenkraft
  12. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    .---- .----
  13. Monochrome Noise Love
    by kokomo
    Licht/Staub Licht/Staub
    In my oppinion, this album is a big step forward for Kokomo, whose dream-like spheres, created by immense creativity, I always admired as one of the most thoughtful kinds of music, the german post scene has to offer.
    I'm seriously glad, Kokomo tried differently new paths and experience great and well earned success with it.
    This is one of my few top albums for 2016. Great work! I stopped counting how often this one made me shiver in brightest warmth, now.
  14. matriarch
    by VUKARI
    she no longer sings his name she no longer sings his name
    This album is a musically transfered mountain in the cold winds of winter. It makes you shiver, gives you destruction, wrath and so much emotion, but also embalmes you in the deepest beauty of a warm sun glimpse through every fog it may surpass.
    I think, this is a milestone of artistic profession in Vukari's existence, a bonding to nature, our roots, a manifest to the love and passion, hate and despair which I hear dripping from this ancient glacier of a record called 'Matriarch'.
    Thank you!
  15. Ste-Claire Hotel
    by le chat blanc orchestra
    Julia in the palm room Julia in the palm room
  16. Fatmate EP
    by Fatmate
    In Room (My Chair) In Room (My Chair)
    Serious recommendation?
    I can't even think of the many situations, where it has completely blown my mind, even though I nearly know every tone of this masterpiece by heart already.
    This, in my eyes, is what heavy, fuzzy stoner has to be like. This is the spirit of Sky Valley in a much more mammoth-like shape and from an island without any deserts, haha. The sound, the voice, the lyrics - these riffs!! Holy damn, just buy this thing and be happy, already!
    Thank you, Fatmate!!!
  17. Marijuana
    by Dope Smoker
    Manitoba Manitoba
    This album is a smoking green hymn for every fuzz-addicted stoner-doom-enthusiast, seeking for a warm and welcoming, but powerful and ass-kicking, ocean of musically baked joy, to get lost in.
    My highly serious recommendation?
    | 420 + Dope Smoker, all day! |
    Get your copy, get enlightened and make these buddies swim in your money to buy new organic gasoline-flushs for their dank-blessed hands and minds of it.
    My personal 'most listened album of 2016'!
    Follow the smoke, follow Dope Smoker!