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  1. BORSIGWERKE - The Complete Recordings of Alexander von Borsig
    by Alexander Hacke
  2. X-mas Date at The Snow Club b/w The Tremolo Death Wray (From The Guts Of Hell)
    by The Tremolo Beer Gut
  3. How Do You Live
    by Amon Tobin
  4. SPRING (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by The Album Leaf
  5. The Silver Threshold
    by hackedepicciotto
  6. West Coast Love Stories
    by Stone Giants
  7. Atonalism
    by Atonalist feat. Gavin Friday
  8. Requiem For A Virus
    by The Tiger Lillies
  9. Songs of Disenchantment - Music from the Greek Underground
    by Brendan Perry
  10. Mank (Original Musical Score) WITH EXTRAS
    by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
  11. The Element Of Love
    by Danielle de Picciotto
  12. Litany Of Satan
    by The Tiger Lillies
  13. Ithaca
    by Thys & Amon Tobin
  14. Black Feathers
    by Sam Brookes
  15. Lemonaki
    by The Tiger Lillies
  16. Fall to Pieces
    by Tricky
  17. The World As We Know It
    by Figueroa
  18. Tempus EP
    by Sam Brookes
  19. Fight! Fight! Fight!
    by Two Fingers
  20. The Whore of Babylon featuring The Tiger Lillies
    by Andréane Leclerc