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  1. Beyond What Is Real
    by Nightmare Scenario
  2. The Stranger
    by Nightmare Scenario
  3. Falling (Twin Peaks theme)
    by Nightmare Scenario
  4. Earth Below
    by Nightmare Scenario
  5. The Grinch Suite
    by Nightmare Scenario
  6. The Book of Suffering - Tome II
    by Cryptopsy
  7. Release The Bounds
    by Shiran
  8. Skylight EP
    by Flicker Rate
  9. Humanoid
    by Cynic
  10. December's Cross: Donner (Special Christmas EP 2017)
  11. Story of Color
    by Sirens
  12. The Seed
    by Echoes of Creation
  13. Reframe EP
    by Flicker Rate
  14. Who Bit the Moon
    by David Maxim Micic
    Who Bit the Moon Who Bit the Moon
  15. Nod to the Old School
    by Armored Saint
    Pirates Pirates
  16. Carpe Noctum
    by Armored Saint
    Last Train Home (Live) Last Train Home (Live)
  17. Saints Will Conquer
    by Armored Saint
    Can U Deliver Can U Deliver
  18. The Art of Evil
    by THEORY
    Demon's Domain Demon's Domain
    Awesome debut!
    Powerful, melodious and technical sounds are very exciting \m/
  19. La Raza
    by Armored Saint
    La Raza La Raza
  20. Win Hands Down
    by Armored Saint
    With a Full Head of Steam With a Full Head of Steam
  21. Revelation
    by Armored Saint
    Control Issues Control Issues
  22. Symbol of Salvation
    by Armored Saint
    Tribal Dance Tribal Dance
    As everyone says, this is one of the masterpieces of Heavy Metal.
    And I agree.
  23. Armored Saint - EP
    by Armored Saint
    On the Way On the Way
  24. December's Cross: Cupid (Special Christmas EP 2016)
    God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  25. Facade
    by North Til Dawn
  26. Inhuman
    by North Til Dawn
  27. Crossroads
    by Djelmash
    Incredible Incredible
  28. Creeping Time
    by Misteyes
    Decapitated Rose Decapitated Rose
  29. Everything Beautiful
    by Akeldama
    Everything Beautiful (feat: Ashe O'Hara and Per Nilsson) Everything Beautiful (feat: Ashe O'Hara and Per Nilsson)
  30. Oblivion
    by Euphonia
  31. Breaking Free
    by Forever Still
    Towards The Edge Towards The Edge
    I bought this album again. Because , I want a physical copy !!
  32. Hollow
    by North Til Dawn
  33. Crusade
    by North Til Dawn
  34. A Call To Arms
    by North Til Dawn
  35. December's Cross: Comet (Special Christmas EP 2015)
    Gabriel's Message Gabriel's Message
  36. Headlong Disaster
    Hyperion Hyperion
  37. Spore
    by Sirens
    Propaganda Propaganda
  38. Surge
    by Sirens
    Cloudbreak Cloudbreak
  39. EP
    by Dzyen
    Digital Senseless Ft Daniel Tompkins And Gino Bambino Digital Senseless Ft Daniel Tompkins And Gino Bambino
  40. Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds
    by Voices From The Fuselage
    Inner Child Inner Child
  41. To Hope
    by Voices From The Fuselage
    Nightfall Nightfall
  42. Diamond Lullabies
    by Glass Delirium
    Funeral of Eighty Days Funeral of Eighty Days
  43. Thanks to a Monster's Many Heads
    by Glass Delirium
    The Color Nine The Color Nine
  44. Sandstorm (Single)
    by Into Eternity
  45. Fukushima (Single)
    by Into Eternity