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    MIDRIFT GUILLOTINE - Fuck the Tories MIDRIFT GUILLOTINE - Fuck the Tories
    Unrelenting and uncompromising; the perfect soundtrack to arguing with smooth brain conservatives online.
  3. Charmed
    by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ
    Charmed Charmed
    leave it to Sabrina to craft something that absolutely brightens my day and also fills me with intense jealousy cuz it's just such a perfect batch of tracks
  4. Innocent
    by BarbWalters
  5. Rarities (2018-2019)
    by Zer0 れい
  6. Memory Circa (EP)
    by Richard Pike
  7. Sev: 2020 Live Sets Collection
    by Sev
  8. Cosmic Human Fuck Machine!
    by ChaseChase
    Bleeding to Death in the Garden of Eden Bleeding to Death in the Garden of Eden
    this is the kind of stuff I wish my creative process would lead me to make. chaotic, fast paced and filled with various aural textures, good stuff
  9. Nothing is Real (Loops, Ideas, & Drafts of the Slushwave Persuasion)
    by Illusory Pleasure
  10. We questioned everything.
    by Hex-A-Decimal
    Battle Against A Childhood Memory! Battle Against A Childhood Memory!
    I've met Kevin's grandmama and she loves this album too.
  11. Chaotech: The Heresy Algorithm
    by Anthromechanicus
    Transcending Transhuman Transcending Transhuman
    when you perform black magick with motherboards instead of livestock you too can be possessed by the soul of a new machine.
  12. Tales from Machine City: Exterminating Angels
    by vid.nas
  13. Dream Bee's Very Own Dream Machine
    by Dream Bee
    My Fleeting Moment Of Recovery My Fleeting Moment Of Recovery
    a refreshingly chill take on a genre already pretty chilled to the core. Calming piano loops over washed out samples to ease the mind and spirit into a dreamscape of endless possibilities.
  14. Spirit Realm
    by Mac Bandit
  15. Swallowed Into The Abyss
    by Sangam
  16. Radiant Broadcast
    by Live Media
  17. Tusop®
    by Hantasi
  18. Darkness of Tomorrow
    by EMBA Soundsystem
  19. II: 鏡花水月
    by Dissociate: 解離
  20. Crystal Sun
    by Lost Cascades