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  1. Domovyk
    by Merzotna Potvora
  2. Tome II
    by Grave Circles
    Predominance Predominance
    It's finally here! A mystical experience... Technical in places, simple and atmospheric in others. I think it's one of the best metal albums of 2019. Hail to Grave Circles!
  3. Tome l
    by Grave Circles
    Overthrow Overthrow
    Magic gem in my collection! The blend of brutal yet technical black metal. Wow! It's one of the strongest albums I have heard all time!
  4. Sheen and Misery
    by Ezkaton
    This album must be listened to!

    As I said, Ezkaton is getting better and better with every release. It's rank 1 in my best of the year list!

    All tracks are favorite.
  5. Last Breath
    by Ezkaton
    Last breath Last breath


    I've come to love the first Ezkaton album, but this EP is more atmospheric, thoughtful, and mature. I will say, these three tracks sound much darker and depressive than on the first album. This is a band that has steadily gotten better and better with every release in my opinion.This is easily their best work yet. Ezkaton just not like any other metal band I've heard before, and this is the loveliest, truest thing I've heard in a long time. My only gripe is it's too short!

    Everything on this is pure gold, oh my godness, it's hard to pick a favorite track!

  6. Plague for the Empires: Time
    by Ezkaton
    Variations of Absence Variations of Absence
    My newest favorite artist! Intensity and atmosphere by hypnotic
    repetition is the aim of this fantastic
    black metal album... Raw and unyielding yet has plenty of
    distinguished melodies just like I had
    come to expect. Thank you for the atmosphere of loneliness and sadness. Right now, one of the best albums of
    the year!
  7. The Ashbringer
    by Ezkaton
    Absence (EP) Absence (EP)

    The art of pain and suffering! fucking awesome!
  8. Belbush
    by Wintercry
  9. Swords and Magic
    by Wintercry
  10. Long Before the Dawn
    by Wintercry
  11. Age of Excuse
    by Mgła
    Age of Excuse VI Age of Excuse VI
    Long live the greatest Mgła! VII
  12. Exercises in futility
    by Mgła
    Exercises in futility V Exercises in futility V
    Long live the greatest Mgła! VI
  13. With hearts toward none
    by Mgła
    With hearts toward none III With hearts toward none III
    Long live the greatest Mgła! V
  14. Groza
    by Mgła
    Groza IV Groza IV
    Long live the greatest Mgła! IV
  15. Further down the nest
    by Mgła
    Further down the nest I Further down the nest I
    Long live the greatest Mgła! III
  16. Mdłości
    by Mgła
    Mdłości II Mdłości II
    Long live the greatest Mgła! II
  17. Presence
    by Mgła
    Presence I Presence I
    Long live the greatest Mgła! I
  18. Gist of Equipoise/From Nowhere to Nothing...
    by VainturN
    Нарешті у нас є такий дум! Чудова концепція. Пісня на рівні з повноформатником! Чекаю на наступний реліз. Це прекрасно!
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  19. Шлях/The Way
    by VainturN
    Крапля води/Water drop Крапля води/Water drop
    Неперевершений альбом! Один з кращіх у моїй колекції.
  20. The Light Has Never Been Here
    by Necrom
    The Oldest Horror The Oldest Horror
    I've listened to the album from start to finish again and again. Honestly a masterpiece!