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  1. A Fistful Of Spaghetti - Audion Italian scrapbook
    by Audion
  2. Eiszeit
    by Günter Schickert / GAM
    Swirling and slithering gooey psychedelic music that sounds like it was made in the early 70s rather than 1978. This album showcases a different side of Gunther Schickert's playing.
  3. The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (abridged pdf edition) +
    by Audion
    This book is essential reading for those interested in expanding their Krautrock knowledge and music collection beyond the basic canon.
  4. The Crack In The Cosmic Egg: Krautrock scrapbook 2022, vol.1-5
    by Audion
    Another essential purchase for lovers of all things Krautrock. In depth articles on bands with family trees and discographies. Lots of reviews of reissues and archival releases.
  5. 50 Years of Electronic Innovation in Music
    by Audion
    A 32 page crib sheet on electronic music. The worst thing about the book is all the money that you will spend buying music that you've never heard of before. The best thing about the book is all the music that you'll be listening to that you've never heard of before.
  6. Vexier
    by E-L-R
  7. Levitation Chamber
    by Silence in the Snow
  8. Dor
    by Din Brad
  9. Rervm
    by Lotus Thief
  10. Gramarye
    by Lotus Thief
  11. Heretic Tongues
    by Wucan
  12. Reap The Storm
    by Wucan
    by Devil Electric
  14. The Gods Below
    by Devil Electric
  15. Devil Electric
    by Devil Electric
  16. En annan värld
    by Agusa
  17. Katarsis
    by Agusa
  18. AGUSA
    by Agusa
  19. Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)
    by Trees
  20. Early Home Recordings
    by Sandy Denny