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Vrishank Menon

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Alternative
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  1. 2nd EP
    by Sea of Shit
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    Servitude Servitude
    i'm human garbage and i approve of this record
  2. Gabbleratchet
    by Classically Handsome Brutes
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  3. Svalbard / The Tidal Sleep split
    by Svalbard
  4. One Day All This Will End
    by Svalbard
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    Disparity Disparity
    A new and fresh take on the melodic hardcore sound. Tight!
  5. We Are Excited
    by BEGUM
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    All My Friends Are Sluts All My Friends Are Sluts
    This is lo-fi as heck but also dreamy as heck. Excellent songwriting, making me nostalgic.
  6. Crocopter (Grindcore)
    by GROSSTY (Bangalore, India)
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    Brink Brink
    Grossty is a class apart in the quality of grind these dudes churns out. With the raw brutality of goregrind and mincecore, the snotty yet playful approach of 80s punk and the ephermal chaos of 90s powerviolence - Grossty is grindcore that stands out anywhere in the world. Perfect production too.
  7. Bless the Earth With Fire
    by Allfather
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    Raskolnikov Raskolnikov
  8. Violent Redemption (Thrash Metal)
    by CHAOS (Kerala, India)
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    Torn Torn
    Chaos are my favorite band from India, hands down. Raw Thrash with old school vibes done right.
    by Chepang
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    This is probably the best grind record to come out this year.
  10. lava land
    by piglet
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    bug stomp bug stomp
    Chicago math rock at its finest!
  11. It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
    by Fucking Invincible
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    Dead Dogs Dead Dogs
  12. Arrows/Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) split 7"
    by Arrows & Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
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    All Passwords are Brisbane All Passwords are Brisbane
  13. Tomorrow's Worn Out Blues
    by Bonehouse
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    Altered Altars Altered Altars

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  1. The Supporting Caste Demos
    by Propagandhi