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  1. Star Seekers
    by Retrodict
  2. Garden Of Eyes
    by Offish
    Pareidolia [Intro] Pareidolia [Intro]
    stylish layering never before seen and great vibe
  3. Mainframe
    by Waveshaper
  4. The Strip
    by Power Glove
  5. Wipe Out
    by Edictum
  6. Turbo Knight & Edictum - Andromeda EP
    by Turbo Knight
  7. Soulkiller
    by Dimi Kaye
  8. Red Fog
  9. Chaos
    by Donbor
  10. Dot Site Hack
    by Mega Drive
  11. Neuroframe
    by Mega Drive
  12. Before Neon
    by Acryl Madness
  13. Turbo Knight & WEVPON & Dimi Kaye - Cybersmith EP
    by Turbo Knight
  14. Ride On Space Cowboy
    by Lazy Laser
    fantastic blend of a unique guitar tone and vibe with really dope beats! I feel like I'm playing Red Dead Redemption 2: Blood Dragon
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  15. Welcome to Night City
    by A New Hope
    appears in 1 other collection
    by ALEX
    by LORN
  18. Descend
    by Donbor
  19. Странник
    by КУЗИНА
  20. Heave
    by The Institute 91’