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  1. Orion
    by Mantras
  2. Samsara
    by Mantras
  3. The Dark Stick EP
    by Blackstaff
  4. Hypnosis
    by Thedus
  5. Into Yourself
    by Entering
  6. Nada Brahma
    by Mantras
  7. Blood Eagle
    by Conan
  8. Monumentum
    by Foehammer
    The Great Cortège II - Annointment Of The Gift-Child The Great Cortège II - Annointment Of The Gift-Child
  9. Revenant
    by GRIN
  10. Incantation Rites
    by Thronehammer
  11. sunn O))) Life Pedal v3 Octave Distortion + Booster demo riffs
    by SUNN O)))
  12. Phantom Knocks
    by GRIN
  13. Yö istui viereeni
    by Kylmyyteen
    Talven kirkas taivas Talven kirkas taivas
  14. Luciferian Drone Magick
    by Keys of Henoch
  15. s/t
    by Ølgod
    Ølgod Ølgod
  16. Odalisque
    by Church of the Sea
    Odalisque Odalisque
  17. Anywhere but Desert
    by Church of the Sea
  18. Against War
    by Smoke of Isengard
    Shire Tobacco Shire Tobacco
  19. Pillars Of Creation
    by Mantras
    Silent Pt.2 Silent Pt.2
  20. Rasputin