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  1. The FA Collection 7
    by Fox Amoore
  2. Come Find Me
    by Fox Amoore
  3. Goodbye Planet Earth
    by Matthew Ebel
    Join The Conversation Join The Conversation
    Just a great collection to listen to. Can't get much better piano rock than Matthew Ebel.
  4. The Recovery of the Absolute Artifact
    by Rotteen
  5. The FA Collection 5
    by Fox Amoore
  6. The FA Collection 4
    by Fox Amoore
  7. The FA Collection 6
    by Fox Amoore
    Remember Me Remember Me
    This collection delivers pure unadulterated gold. Remember Me is bar none the greatest song I've had the pleasure of listening to in recent memory. That song alone is worth the price, and the album in it's entirety is an awesome collection that should not be missed.
  8. The FA Collection Vol. 2
    by Fox Amoore
  9. The FA Collection Vol. 3
    by Fox Amoore
    My Starry Destination My Starry Destination
    My Starry Destination is one of the best examples of what consistently happens when Fox Amoore and Colson perform together. It's some of the best music one may have the pleasure to experience.
  10. The FA Collection Vol. 1
    by Fox Amoore
  11. dethrone
    by The Queenstons
  12. i can't wait to be sad and alone on the edge of the universe
    by hyi
    s.s.s.s. (reprise) s.s.s.s. (reprise)
    A great little collection that belongs in any electronic music listener's collection.
  13. Supernatural
    by Ken Ashcorp
    A track to perfectly compliment one of the greatest children's shows in recent history. It's a wonderful easy listening track that is self explanatory in it's quality.
  14. 20 Percent Cooler
    by Ken Ashcorp
    Even as someone who has no interest whatsoever in My Little Pony, 20 Percent Cooler is a solid, solid club track and is a wonderful listen for any party (or personal listening) scenario.
  15. In The Zone
    by Ken Ashcorp
  16. Shut Up And Trust This
    by Ken Ashcorp
  17. Crazy Chicks
    by Ken Ashcorp
  18. Touch Fluffy Tail
    by Ken Ashcorp
  19. Absolute Territory
    by Ken Ashcorp
  20. Burgz
    by Ken Ashcorp
    As the track that introduced me to the artist that is Ken Ashcorp, Burgz holds a special place in my musical memory. It should be heard by anyone who likes fun, energetic music.