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  1. Interment (EP)
    by Μνήμα
  2. Apparition
    by Gravenchalice
  3. Set Forever On Me (Technical Death Metal)
    by HATEFUL (Italy)
  4. Old Nick - The Night Of The Ambush And The Pillage By The Queen Ann Styl'd Furniture, Animated By One Of The Dozen Or So Spells That Thee Eastern Vampyre Has Studied (T.N.O.T.A.A.T.P.B.T.Q.A.S.F.A.B.O.O.T.D.O.S.S.T.T.E.V.H.S)
    by Old Nick
  5. The Confessor
    by Dumal
  6. Sublimation
    by Dephosphorus
  7. Protosapien
    by JUPITERIAN (Brazil)
  8. Is, Qui Mortem Audit
    by Fordomth
  9. Helvete
    by Nordvargr
    Dronevessel III - I summon my master to bring forth doom Dronevessel III - I summon my master to bring forth doom
  10. Inanition
    by Ushangvagush
    IV IV
    by SATURNO
  12. /// II
    by Slikback
  13. The Omarion Nebula
    by Martin Stürtzer
  14. They Became the Falling Ash (Remaster 2020)
    by Ethereal Shroud
    Desperation Hymn Desperation Hymn
  15. Alea Iacta Est
    by Nietzu
    Darkening Sea Darkening Sea
  16. Sæti Sálarinnar
    by Illkynja
    Sjálfseyðing Sjálfseyðing
  17. dim
    by dim
  18. Sørgelig
    by Sørgelig
  19. We, The Oblivious
    by Sørgelig
  20. Heir Of Ecliptical Romanticism
    by Lamp Of Murmuur