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Andreas Vögele

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  1. Palimpsest
    by Protest the Hero
    From The Sky From The Sky
    From The Sky is this year's best song. I'd love to be in the moshpit and sing along. Fantastic guitars, drums and vocals.
  2. Wake of a Nation (EP)
    by Zeal and Ardor
    Vigil Vigil
  3. Obsidian
    by Paradise Lost
    Defiler Defiler
    Obsidian has more Gothic elements than The Plague Within. But surprisingly the album doesn't get boring at all.
  4. Mortal
    by Necrot
    Mortal Mortal
    Best Death Metal album since Bolt Thrower's Those Once Loyal
  5. Folkesange
    by Myrkur
    Gudernes Vilje Gudernes Vilje
  6. Mestarin kynsi
    by Oranssi Pazuzu
    Ilmestys Ilmestys
  7. Forever Black
    by Cirith Ungol
    Before Tomorrow Before Tomorrow
  8. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
    The Sword Woman The Sword Woman
  9. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    The Cold Sword The Cold Sword
  10. Twisted Horror (Split with Exhumed)
    by Gruesome
    Exhumed - Buried to Die Exhumed - Buried to Die
  11. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
    All and Nothing All and Nothing
  12. The Suns of Perdition - Chapter I: War, Horrid War
    by Panzerfaust
    The Men of No Man's Land The Men of No Man's Land
  13. The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
    by Panzerfaust
    Promethean Fire Promethean Fire
  14. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Firing Squad Firing Squad
  15. Manifest Decimation
    by Power Trip
  16. Opening Fire: 2008-2014
  17. Grungetown Hooligans II
    by MANTAR
    100% 100%
  18. The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze
    by MANTAR
    Age Of The Absurd Age Of The Absurd
  19. Ode To The Flame
    by MANTAR
    Era Borealis Era Borealis
  20. Death By Burning
    by MANTAR