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  1. Cri D'Amour
    by Mélanie
  2. Split
    by Enrique / Pursent
  3. Endurance Of Pain Is The Power Of Being
    by Sophie Du Palais
  4. Tape Archives 86-88
    by JFK
  5. 69 Bootlegs Pack
    by Various Artists ( Compiled by Chico Sonido)
  6. Waves Led The Night
    by Phormix
  7. Consistency In Paranoia
    by Phormix
  8. Torture Promo 12 inch
    by Ron Morelli
  9. Adenoids
    by Severed Heads
  10. Blubberknife
    by Severed Heads
  11. City Slab Horror
    by Severed Heads
  12. Time Examined
    by Mika Vainio
  13. Optimism Is the Killer
    by Celer
  14. Inneterre, Reborn
    by Appropriate Savagery
  15. ❊ Tales From the Far East ☾
    by V/A
    by L/F/D/M
  17. 80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2
    by Contort Yourself
    Four years have past since the last release, but the oracle foretold the return of Murray CY, with his cabinet of archives, full with sonic experiments made by uncompromising artists of a bygone era.
  18. Erik Eviston - Sickness
    by Phormix
  19. Front de Cadeaux - We Slowly Riot
    by Front de Cadeaux
  20. Renormalization Support Group
    by Nikki Nair