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  1. Fear in a Handful of Dust
    by Amon Tobin
    Three Different Hat Sizes Three Different Hat Sizes
    Another great series of electronic soundscapes by Amon Tobin. Looking forward to the next Nomark release!
  2. 0edit
    by 0edit
    Set Set
    You don't spend 10 years playing the same note. For a spiritual successor, I feel a little conflicted. Gone is the more recessed, mildly angsty tone of Neotokyo, replaced with a much more grandiose sound. I'm not sure I appreciate it, but I do admire it. All I can say is, I hope the story doesn't end here. Keep up the great work, Ed.
  3. Whereabouts of the Living Being's Soul (Ikimono no Tamashii no Yukue)
    by Kikuo, si_ku
    Utsuro na Keshiki / Blank Landscape Utsuro na Keshiki / Blank Landscape
  4. Flood EP
    by Broken Note
    Flood Flood
  5. Kikuo Miku 5
    by Kikuo
    カラカラカラのカラ / Kara Kara Kara no Kara カラカラカラのカラ / Kara Kara Kara no Kara
  6. Ordinary Songs
    by Snail's House
    ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne) ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne)
  7. theme02 Night and Wanderer
    by Chouchou
    ray ray
    Another great album. A lot of new sounds and styles, but still distinctly Chouchou. Had a hard time picking a favourite track.
  8. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    by Austin Wintory
    The Assassin Two-Step The Assassin Two-Step
  9. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
  10. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
    Nascence Nascence
  11. Undertale Demo OST
    by Toby Fox
    Fallen Down Fallen Down
    Catchy, memorable music. Good luck finishing up the game.