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  1. The Fickle Finger Of Fate
    by Dale Crover
    Big Uns Big Uns
    The greatest drummer of all time has enough #psychickarate left over from the Melvins shows to bust out an entirely new solo sound. And it's goooood.
  2. Disarm
    by She Makes War
    Got Milk Got Milk
    When aliens scan through the smashed detritus of our wrecked civilization, they will search for debut albums with high levels of #psychickarate essence to prolong their twisted species' shriveling tentacles. This particular record will be highly sought-after.
  3. Sin Sin Sin
    by Le Butcherettes
    Tonight Tonight
  4. Crystal Fairy
    by Crystal Fairy
    Necklace Of Divorce Necklace Of Divorce
    This record violates several laws of pandimensional physics, holding within it dangerous and illegal pockets of #psychickarate capable of being weaponized for either the benefit or ultimate downfall of carbon-based species.
  5. Direction Of Travel 2016
    by She Makes War
    5000 Miles 5000 Miles
    Being much larger in quality and quantity compared to the modern record, "Direction of Travel" is a sonic bulwark standing against art as an industry. I may not know what "gloom-pop" means, but I know a #psychickarate ninja attack when I see one.
  6. Cry Is For The Flies
    by Le Butcherettes
    Demon Stuck in Your Eye Demon Stuck in Your Eye
    With a rather idiosyncratic start, this bad boy right here turns strangely dark midway through, reverberating the artists' inner demons through a grotesque #psychickarate expo.
  7. Hostile Ambient Takeover
    by Melvins
    Foaming Foaming
    While I'd like to paint myself as an original Melvins hipster from the 80's, this was the first "new" album the band made after I discovered them. This record is a brutal trifecta of savage rock, performance art and experimental poetry all at the same time. In short, this record is an essential selection for #psychickarate dojo antics.
  8. Command Your Weather
    by Big Business
    Blacker Holes Blacker Holes
    The low-end signals produced by this band indicate a hidden code for long-buried #psychickarate maneuvers thought lost to modern warriors.
  9. A Raw Youth (Digital Deluxe)
    by Le Butcherettes
    Reason To Die Young Reason To Die Young
    This is a band you want to succeed. There's a kind of magnanimity to the sound that indicates abnormally high levels of #psychickarate in the bloodstream of the artists.

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  1. Cry Is For The Flies
    by Le Butcherettes
  2. Director's Cut
    by Fantomas