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  1. Moriusaq, Greenland
  2. Metal
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    by New Horizons Records
    Operation Sundevil Operation Sundevil
  2. Ruler of the Forest (Full Length 2015)
    by Taur Nu Fuin
    Achernar's Dance Achernar's Dance
  3. Extravagant
    by Synthetische Lebensform
    UltraCorps (bonus track) UltraCorps (bonus track)
  4. Witchfinding Metal of Doom
    by Ecclesia
    God's Trial God's Trial
    After a short prayer, Ecclesia declares its judgment in three acts of powerful and catchy melodies in which we find late 80" heavy/doom metal scene influences. Slow and heavy riffs are mixing up well with melodic high-pitched voice with the exact amount of grunt one at the right moment.
  5. <shutdown.exe>
    by 3TEETH
    Degrade Degrade
    In the vein of the first album, Shutdown.exe is clearly a revival of the industrial scene. 3Teeth's strong influences lead to a worked and well-structured inspiration. Tracks come and go and none is alike another in which we easily switch between fluidly-lyrical gothic rock to rhythmic-mechanical industrial metal.
  6. Storms of the Netherworld
    by Tulsadoom
    Subraion Xan Subraion Xan
  7. CUlt
    by Fla Vector
    Exhvust Exhvust
    An album in which Fla Vector's deep kicks coupled with middle-eastern Tribal AD's influence is leading to a slow ambience'd Powernoise. Everything is well-architectured with each tone at the right place.
    by RELIC
  9. Nemesis
    by 2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷
    Movement Movement
  10. Psycho
    by Alpha IrRadiation
    Protect Protect
  11. Lords of the Video Wasteland
    by SurgeryHead
    B-Movie King B-Movie King
  12. Empire of The Madness
    by Arcadise
    Attacker Attacker
    Adding guitar riffs to some Darkwave music is a great idea and add more energy to it. Too bad that's the same one used again and again in every tracks.
  13. Only Filth Remains
    by Cellhavoc
    We Are (feat. Audiocentesis) We Are (feat. Audiocentesis)
  14. Cloaks of Oblivion
    Seven Archons Seven Archons
    Eruption is an efficient Thrash Metal band in which influences from Heavy or Prog and even Melodeath scenes are blending to a rich and various result with high-pitched vocals. The sound is truly a steamroller for the cervical spine.
  15. Isadora Mu
    by Lumeet
    Galaxnikov Galaxnikov
  16. Old Towers
    Twilight Sun Twilight Sun
  17. On Ephemeral Substrates
    by qip
    Humanity+ Humanity+
    Instrumentally, this is exactly what I'm looking for. You can hear that the atsmophere radiating from it is cleverly worked. However, the project could have been even deeper with some variations on the voice which can be monotonous sometimes.
  18. Destination: Nulle Part
    by Necroblaspheme
    Wounded Wounded
  19. From The Devil's Tomb
    by Weapon
    Hardonye Hardonye
    Old-schoolish Black/Death with Middle Eastern vibes. Everything is well structured despite the length of the tracks. Just listen to the second half of "Hardonyne" and you will be conquered.
  20. Myrkur og Dauði
    by ZAKAZ
    Hamur Hamur
  21. DTRASH183 - La France Qui Tache
    by DK DANCE
    Overdosé Overdosé
  22. Forgotten Scrolls (Compilation)
    by Evilnox
    Fire-Dance Religion (New 2016) Fire-Dance Religion (New 2016)
    A compilation of great medieval music that could fit to anything about dancing tavern, creepy goblins castle or tournament's ceremonial. Just pick your track!
  23. War Prayer
    by OMOPHOR
    Eternal Eternal
    This Georgian Melodeath band succeeds to bring a solid first step into the Metal scene.
    Transitions between groovy and slow rhythms is too brutal can give a boring sense. Sometimes it's like you're hearing Brutal Death and suddenly… MDM-styled lead guitar incoming. However, the various and well mastered soli are keeping a nervous pace without being repetitive. Definitely a band to look forward.
  24. Below Absent Gods
    by Acidrodent
    Below Absent Gods Below Absent Gods
  25. Technomancy
    by Victor Love
    Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM) Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM)
  26. The Named (Glitch Mode reissue)
    by The Named
    Breakout (Glitch Mode Re-master) Breakout (Glitch Mode Re-master)
  27. Chronicles Of A Dying Era
    by Epochate
    Substantia Substantia
  28. Haereticalia - The Night Battles
    by Panychida
    ... For I don´t Cause the Evil ... For I don´t Cause the Evil
    There is a thing that matches well with Black Metal and it's Classical. Panychida did it well without falling into something too much Symphonic. Everything is fluid and well ambianced where lead guitar and orchestral elements add strength to an already well-powered rythmic instrumental. I will be curious to hear more tracks in Czech though, it will heighten the Pagan side of the music.
  29. Ashen Eidolon (EP)
    by Gallowbraid
    Oak and Aspen Oak and Aspen
    Folk Black Metal at its finest. Even if we are still waiting a sequel to this one after 7 years. The length of the tracks could be repetitive but there will always be a passage wich will wake you up... like the mid of "Ashen Eidolon" or the chorus of "Oak and Aspen".
  30. Litourgiya
    Yekteniya 7 Yekteniya 7
    I was curious to hear what a blend of Black Metal with choirs could do. It's great to listen something in which everything seems opposite but ensue to an harmonious well mastered sound. Instrumentally, drums are sick and strings hypnotic and high pitched screams contrast with deep choir singing.
  31. The Dome
    by Hacking The Wave
    The Dome The Dome
    It's not easy to master computer music but when it's well done you could obtain a great mix of digital hardcore and synthwave in a cyberpunk atmosphere. Some tracks are really catchy although others are skipable but that's a great discovery nonetheless!
  32. Circuit Breakers
    by Hacking The Wave
    Circuit Breakers (Feat. ORAX) Circuit Breakers (Feat. ORAX)
    In the continuum of the first album but with a more aggressive approach of electronics mixed with synthetic-like guitars. However, the transition between harsh kicks and slow passages can make them a little tedious.
  33. Den første Gnister i Mørket [first two albums remastered|
    by Skarpseian
    Galdratungl [remaster] Galdratungl [remaster]
    And now we finally own the whole discography on CD. For those whom have reach this page by any chance, Skarpseian is a dungeon-synth music in which I found something catchy beside others. Even in its first releases, it doesn't sounds repetitive, the hardest thing to avoid in this genre. This is musically-speaking a trip in dark forest leading into a crumbling castle.
  34. Insane Reality
    by Inner Vision Laboratory
    Fading Hope Fading Hope
    IVL is fucking with your mind on this album. It's like you're trapped in a asylum running from something ineffable. At this point I can say that the atmosphere is well created so that's a successful one.
  35. Soulless, Superior
    by Ironhand
    Intersect Apex Intersect Apex
    I had to have this album in my collection. I discovered Ironhand with this album and it's still in my pantheon. Vocals change according to the lyrics which matche perfectly with the industrial atmosphere. Instrumental is well structured. Soulless, Superior is clearly one of he's best. Thank you HP, you converted me to Aggrotech and Darkwave genres with this one. I can say in a nutshell that's a soften Ice Ages more accessible with a specific vibe..
  36. Emanations of the Black Light
    by Deus Mortem
    Emanation Emanation
    That's what Black Metal should be to me. Well mastered torn vocals that don't sound like strangled kitten. Raw guitar riffs which mix tormented vibe and headbangable rythms coupled with powerful soli.
  37. Nadir
    by Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
    Dusk Dusk
    At first I was expecting a third album in line with the previous ones. I was a little bit disappointed I didn't find their deathgrind I used to listen. I came back later to give this album a second chance with a new ear and I totally approve their choice of making something more atmospheric. I'm feeling tense while listening to this. It's cold and I like that.
  38. Architect
    by Souldrainer
    Behind the Face Behind the Face
    There is more melodeath influence in this album which is not unpleasant. The presence of alternating rythms adds value to the songs with more screams and soli than before. "Nightmare Abduction" is really catchy in a whole and "Behind the Face" is clearly designed to be played live.
  39. Heaven's Gate
    by Souldrainer
    Remember Me Remember Me
    Groovy ! But every tracks sound like each other - like using the same sampler over and over - but in the meantime they have something catchy. "Fed by Fire" chorus stay stuck in my mind e.g. Thus, I don't find any special element which could draw Souldrainer out but they know how to keep the good elements and mix them together.
  40. Monolith
    by Captain Panic! & Systek
    Vast Vast
    Minimalistic and ambiant music that matches well with space or scifi themes.
  41. Sovereign
    by Sovereign
    Evolve Evolve
    There is way to much one-man band creating instrumental cyber/djent using computer music. But very few of them doing it great and Sovereign offers something built and structured. The lenght of the tracks could be repetitive but it's far from being the case. Recommanded if you like Tyrant of Death or Sybreed.
  42. hypnotized EP
    by MELROSE
    Hypnotized Hypnotized
    The female vocals are good in Mechina so I was curious to hear her stuff in solo. I wasn't expected something Metal and I was gladly surprise at first. However, all tracks sound familiar among themselves but the final product is solid and there is potential to hearing from this.
  43. Allzumenschliches
    by Panzertank
    Hakenkreuz Hakenkreuz
    I'm glad to hear that Panzertank has evolved in its sound. Since 2006's Hakenkreuz album it's getting better and the instrumental became more structured.
  44. The Architects Of Extermination
    by Kommandant
    The Architects Of Extermination The Architects Of Extermination
    Kommandant lost in agressiveness to perform an album in a more martial mood. From the very first notes you can easily imagine yourself in a black and white war-documentary.
  45. The Draconian Archetype
    by Kommandant
    We Are Angels of Death We Are Angels of Death
    Here is a band you can't forget due to their vibe. I discovered them a few years ago and said I will deepen their discography. Time has passed without doing it but their name never quit my mind. Now I have remembered and I really admit that this band creates a fricking atmosphere that molt your guts into the deep side of war.