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Vivien Firmin

  1. Sunshine Coast, Australia
  2. Ambient
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  1. Inchoate
    by Oliver Ryles
    A Walk On The Moors A Walk On The Moors
    Beautiful Oliver.....
    This song took me to the Cliffs of Dover where I saw a world of Peace and Love and Compassion and understanding of difference and respect of alternative opinion.
    It's an amazing place to see.
    We will never see that world for real.
  2. TPPA (taking peoples power away)
    by Manic Seeds
  3. Нутро/The Inner Side
    by Octopus Kraft
    німі слова / silent scream німі слова / silent scream
    Turn the volume up LOUD.
    Very cool !
  4. Краплини/Drops
    by Octopus Kraft
    Краплини/Drops Краплини/Drops
    Turn the volume up even LOUDER !
  5. Light Years
    by Stellardrone
    Comet Halley Comet Halley
    WOW !!!
    What a journey.
    Very Cool
    Great meditation music
  6. Out My Mind
    by The Skints
    Rat-a-tat Dub Rat-a-tat Dub
    Dub is in da blood.
    Love it !
    Beautiful female vocals
  7. Subconscious
    by Radikal Guru
    Earthwalker Earthwalker
    Lov da dub !!!!!!
    I go into a trance with this LP
    Unreal if you've got a spare hour just to be transported.
    I've just added Jamaica to my Fucket list ......
  8. Part Ache
    by Jungbluth
    Wakefield Wakefield
    A very tight 3 piece.
  9. Urban Sky
    by Atma
    Hidden fortress Hidden fortress
  10. Regnum Saturni
    by Fell Voices
    Emergence Emergence
  11. Endless
    by Wordclock
    It ain't a bad place It ain't a bad place
    Embrace the darkness, it's beautiful
  12. Un Nouveau Horizon by ZOOLU
    by Zoolu
    A cute, french, butt shaker