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  1. Petrichor
    by Virtual Balboa + Greg Kelley
  2. Releasing Spores
    by Christina Vantzou
  3. Showroom Dummies
  4. Landscape Architecture
    by CV & JAB
  5. Plays Clinkers
    by The Flake
  6. Four Meditations / Sound Geometrics
    by Pauline Oliveros
  7. Chord / Gong! (with Carles Santos)
    by Philip Corner
  8. Daredevil Meditations
    by various
  9. In Leatherstockings
    by Brandstifter & Arma Agharta
  10. Vivary
    by Kimmel.Ali.Harris
  11. Thollem's Traveling Sessions with Abigail Alwin and Piotr Michalowski
    by Thollem McDonas
  12. The Gallop
    by JAB
  13. Stanruary
    by Hal McGee
    Different And The Same Different And The Same
    The repetition of some phrases sounds like poetry. Also, there is a certain POP REALISM when listening to Hal's conversations with other people. The fact that these tracks were mixed arbitrarily is part of Hal's schtick, and is very effective.
  14. EC Split 21
    by Thomas Milovac / Massimo Magee
  15. Yeo-Neun
    by Okkyung Lee
  16. EC SPLIT 20
    by Anton Mobin & Harold Schellinx
  17. EC Split 17
    by Jeff Central / Fiver's Stereo
  18. The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce
    by Austin Rich
  19. Hallowtide Harmonies
    by Mini-Mutations
  20. Box Set of 5 Thollem/Cline Trio Albums
    by Thollem/Parker/Wimberly/Oliveros/Cline