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  1. Plight of a Rat Drowning in Love
    by Rubix Kitten
  2. An Unhealthy Interest in Suffering
    by Undulation
  3. moth of the world
    by secat
  4. #queerabrasion
    by Worshiprr
  5. A Flower Fills With Blood
    by GODDEXX
  6. Her Blood Fills With Flowers
    by GODDEXX
  7. Memorrhage
    by Memorrhage
  8. in the world of dying beasts
    by hellvalleyskytrees
  9. Xzistence
    by Zvrra
  10. Luxure
    by Lillith Entropy
  11. Escape the Land of Despair
    by TV-MA
  12. YOU WILL DEVOUR ME GLADLY (Single Version)
    by GODDEXX
  13. AntiSocial Rat Music for The End of Days
    by Rubix Kitten
  14. For the Love of Drugs
    by Quinton Barnes
  15. Acid Rain II (Deluxe Edition)
    by Savan DePaul
  16. Serenity
    by estoc
  17. Illuminance
    by Zvrra
  18. no slo mo in post
    by tony LaMothe
  19. Information Oblivion
    by GODDEXX
  20. Soft Gamma Repeater
    by Apartment Kids