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Visual Complexity

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  1. The Durance Machine
    by Melanohelios
  2. Wounded Solitude
    by Sadness
  3. Frozen Bloom
    by Olhava
  4. No Surprises
    by Music For Sleep
  5. Lore of the Lakes
    by Inexorum
  6. i’m a failure
    by Comforting
  7. Growing
    by Evergreen Refuge
  8. Accumulation
    by For Døve
  9. Luna (demo)
    by Liminal Dream
  10. Untitled
    by Liminal Dream
  11. Archive
    by Anonymous Hands
    Decay Decay
    This style of music is far from the usual genres I listen to, but these songs have grown on me a lot and I love every bit of them. The dark themes pair perfectly with the more layered composition style.
  12. I can feel myself rot (single)
    by vide
  13. There Is No God In War
    by WINTAAR
  14. Fleecian Winter Majesty
    by Kaskaskia
    The Throne Awaits The Throne Awaits
    "Fleecian Winter Majesty" is a combination of intense black metal riffs, dreamy keyboards, and harsh vocals to create a perfect atmosphere. the clean singing in "The Throne Awaits" caught me off guard and I loved every second of it. Also anything with Damián playing on it is something I'll purchase instantly. Don't avoid this masterpiece!
  15. Music From A Sinking World
    by Music For Sleep
  16. The Chill of Heavens Abandonment
    by Aphelion
  17. Metanoia
    by City Of Dawn
  18. Putrescent Omniscience
    by Dripped
  19. Dominion Of The Ancients
    by Venom Symbiote
  20. New Dawn Fades
    by vide
    The newest cover song is here, and it's with two of his projects! The Vide version gives the song more of a unsettling feel and adds a lot of emotion. The Empty version gives the track more of a crawling feel, which works flawlessly with dark atmosphere. Another must have.