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  1. John Frusciante presents Trickfinger II
    by Trickfinger aka John Frusciante
  2. Maya
    by John Frusciante
  3. Slow Vessels
    by Ian William Craig
  4. Look Down, See Us
    by Trickfinger
  5. Trickfinger - She Smiles Because She Presses The Button
    by Trickfinger
  6. Prédateurs
    by Les Discrets
  7. Forest of Lost Children
    by Kikagaku Moyo
  8. Freeschaland
    by Freescha
  9. No Health Insurance
    by The Koreatown Oddity
  10. No Beyond
    by Bound
  11. Slope/Land
    by Caudal
  12. Transmissions
    by Black Box Memories
  13. This Loving Presence
    by Black Box Memories
  14. Missing Heart Pieces
    by Black Box Memories
  15. Dark Political Stratum
    by Private Mountain
  16. Spatters Of Paint, Bloody Wrist
    by Appropriate Savagery
  17. Murmuüre
    by Murmuüre
  18. The Best Driving Music in the World Ever
    by Sean Curtis Patrick
  19. OMED
    by Mt. Mountain
  20. Out Of Sight
    by Chelou