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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Stuck In Useless Country
    by The Wolf In Our Own Backyard
  2. This House [2011]
    by Chris Lopez
  3. Hand Painted Model Trains
    by Unsung
  4. Steel Tipped Bear Claws 2: Phantasmagoria
    by Cunabear & Steel Tipped Dove
  5. Shadow Self
    by Sleep Sinatra, Ohbliv
  6. ManDaMyth
    by ManDaMyth
  7. For All Debts Public and Private
    by Defcee and BoatHouse
  8. Assorted Lunch Beats
    by .End
  9. Ursine Valor
    by cunabear
  10. I Told Bessie
    by E L U C I D
    by Qualms
  12. Employment [Beat-Tape]
    by Qualms
  13. Complacent
    by Qualms
  14. Ebony Tusks - Heal_Thyself
    by Ebony Tusks
  15. ...Sings The Hits!
    by The Wolf In Our Own Backyard
  16. The Man Who Lived Forever
    by kidDEAD
  17. Weightbearer
    by Squalloscope
  18. Flux Populi
    by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
  19. Ralphie v1+2
    by Bloodmoney Perez
  20. Sup Bub
    by Unsung