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  1. Our Power
    by Pummel
  2. Eating Colors
    by Timmy's Organism
  3. Loud Fast Rules! EP
    by Stimulators
  4. Mr. Face
    by Ty Segall
  5. When I Left
    by The Stools
  6. Sentimental Goblin EP
    by Ty Segall
  7. 14 Lashes
    by Chain Whip
  8. Mutations from the Motor City
    by Various
  9. Split w/ The Hammer
  10. Summer of George EP
    by George Crustanza
  11. This World Is Too Much
    by Restraining Order
  12. Oi! l'Album Vol 2 LP
    by Coupe Gorge
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Therapy - s/t LP
    by Therapy
  14. Therapy
    by Therapy
  15. The Devil You Know
    by The Coathangers
  16. "Every Winter Is Cold" A NEHC Comp
    by "Every Winter Is Cold" A New England Hardcore Compilation
  17. S/T 12"
    by DELETÄR
  18. Alles 3rd Gut
    by ISS
  19. No One Wins
    by Game
  20. There Are Snakes In These Woods
    by Planet Mastergod
  21. La Paix Ou Le Sable
    by Nightwatchers
  22. Boots on the Ground
    by Gutter Knife
  23. Choke On It
    by No Love
    My favorite album from 2019.
  24. Carnage Bargain
    by The Paranoyds
  25. Boots on the Ground
    by Gutter Knife
  26. American Idylls
    by Sorry State Records
    This comp has such a wide selection of Punk bands and nothing really sucks. Sorry State needs to release a full length album by Mind Dweller.
  27. Aquarian Downer
    by White Hills / GNOD
  28. Brainwash
    by La Luz
  29. Floating Features
    by La Luz
  30. Cascade Of Colors
    by Pansies
  31. It's Alive
    by La Luz
    by Butts
  33. Flyover
    by Dereck Higgins