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  1. Modern Myths (2017)
    by Joey Carbo
  2. we're made of wood &fire (2016)
    by Joey Carbo
  3. The Math Says, Yes
    by WOORMS
    by WOORMS
  5. demos 2017
    by WOORMS
  6. EP
    by Ask the Dust
  7. This Fog That Never Ends
    by Hante.
  8. De Val
    by Verwoed
  9. Devil's Night To All Souls (split w/Blissful Stream)
    by Lightsabres
  10. Deathbed
    by Lightsabres
  11. Selfishness As Self-preservation (promo single)
    by Ulva
  12. The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines
    by Lake Of Violet
  13. The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension
    by Constants
  14. Pasiflora
    by Constants
  15. If Tomorrow The War
    by Constants
  16. Nostalgia For The Future
  17. The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril
  18. Tükör
    by TÖRZS
  19. Picture This
    by Fascinating
  20. High Protein
    by RRRags