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Sean Conran

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Alternative
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  1. Ed Buys Houses
    by Sidney Gish
    Vaudeville Vaudeville
  2. loops and other ephemera
    by A B Robb
    calmer kind calmer kind
  3. Myths From Mercury
    by Helena Massey
    Desert Rose Desert Rose
    I keep returning and returning to this. Maybe it's Helena's distant whispers, or the modest rhythms of the tabla/ drums, even the sustained- engulfing harmonium, but this whole album is pulling me out of the fog.
    Desert Rose is my siren song.
  4. Tiny Glimpses
    by Time Robb
    Crow Reprise Crow Reprise
    A rare find to rewind (headphones recommended)

    the intricately plucked nylon strings feel like they're vibrating from inside my body, and Tims words are incredibly sincere in their brevity and harmony


    this tiny glimpse inspires a vivid imagined world

    5/5 cool sunglasses
  5. Video Tapes
    by Jack R Reilly
    Sometimes, You Still Catch Me Dancing Sometimes, You Still Catch Me Dancing
    Jack's music is a familiar delicacy for me, and mostly exists as lofi demos on an old ipod that I would listen to on repeat as I fell asleep in bed.

    This EP makes me feel as if I woke up the next day with my headphones still in, rolled over into a warm imprint of a loved one, who left moments ago, and pressed play.

    Undeniably Jack, and rich with nostalgic imagery

  6. Words That Seem To Slip Away
    by Jess Locke
    Change The Sheets Change The Sheets
  7. Santafel
    by Julia Jacklin
    Santafel Santafel
    I'm meant to be putting clothes on and heading out the door right now, but I feel that talking about Julia's music is way more important. An absolute keeper.
  8. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
    Unlucky Skin Unlucky Skin
  9. Forever Jung
    by Vanguard Party
    Imaginary Girlfriend Imaginary Girlfriend