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  1. Blueprints
    by 2ndMOUSE
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    Lockjaw ( feat. Emily Coy ) Lockjaw ( feat. Emily Coy )
    2ndMOUSE has released his best album so far, eclectic electronics, deep tracks and melodies...quality...
  2. Renegade
    by Sagittarius V
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    The Night The Night
  3. Sector 9
    by Biodread
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    Ground Assault Unit Ground Assault Unit
  4. Supremeja - DM13 Album
    by Supremeja
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    Targed Destroyed feat. DJ Somatic Targed Destroyed feat. DJ Somatic
  5. Subscriber - The Daybreaker
    by Subscriber
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    Daybreaker Daybreaker
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    BPS unleash a quality release of deep brooding electro, Noamm & Miss Noir take us into a dark downtempo subterranean catacomb...
  7. Dave Clarke Presents - A White Noise Retrospective
    by Dave Clarke
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    Sounds For The Mute Sounds For The Mute
  8. Ghostly Region
    by Lectromagnetique
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    Blind Depth Blind Depth
    killer unrelenting electro release, Lectromagnetique takes us down into the grittier darker side of the machine...
  9. Pip Williams - Mode#7
    by brokntoys
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    Pleasure Deficiency Syndrome Pleasure Deficiency Syndrome
    dark street level electro...
  10. Knee-Deep In The Dead
    by Cluster Buster
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    Regiment Of The Undead Regiment Of The Undead
  11. The Hunch (The Exaltics' Annihilate The Planet)
    by The Exaltics
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    booming electro acid n bass track...