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  1. Circadia
    by Jardín de la Croix
    Seventeen years to hatch an invasion Seventeen years to hatch an invasion
  2. Mastery
    by British Theatre
    Blue Horror Blue Horror
  3. Aurora Borealis
    by Widek
    Skylight (feat. Gru) Skylight (feat. Gru)
  4. Journey To The Stars
    by Widek
    Parallax (feat. Owane) Parallax (feat. Owane)
  5. Operate (demo)
    by Mike Vennart
  6. Multiverse
    by Widek
    Enter Through The Sun (feat. Gru) Enter Through The Sun (feat. Gru)
  7. Elliptic EP
    by Vessels
    Elliptic Elliptic
  8. Eingya
    by Helios
    Bless This Morning Year Bless This Morning Year
  9. Pastures EP
    by Halcyon
    Noodle Noodle
  10. A Brief History Of Today
    by Peasman
    Rememnants Rememnants
    with the sudden change that came with vessel's new EP - Tom Evans solo album, a brief history of today, brought much of the creative songwriting that i had been looking for. only downside - the album lacks the musicianship that Tom brings out when he puts on his vessel's cape,
  11. Polymorphic Code
    Bouncing Dot Bouncing Dot
    when the mood strikes, its a fun album. not really a regular for me though.
  12. A Wreck Provides An Excellent Foundation [2010]
    by 52 Commercial Road
    In Floods And Droughts In Floods And Droughts
    this album is a slow moving album. i enjoy slow moving tempo, but i'm a little critical of this album. i think more could have been done. i hear a lot of dead space in the foundation of many of the album's songs. this band has awesome potential though.. its got some amazingly written non-common time slow jams. i'd recommened it to all you chill-post-indie fans who havent heard of / or dont like oceansize.
  13. The Dividing Line
    by Frost*
    I have everything else except this song! proggy fans that do not know of Frost* .... should.

    experiments in mass appeal
  14. Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
    by Disperse
    Balance of creators Balance of creators
    the singing is much better in Living Mirrors, but this album has much more guitar work! and this guitarist has speed that can go up against the work of John Petrucci
  15. I've Seen Colors
    by Old Nick
    Darcy Darcy
    i'm still evaluating this album
  16. Living Mirrors
    by Disperse
    Dancing with Endless Love Dancing with Endless Love
    proggy djent album with an amazing guitarist. i've put this album on a playlist with tesseracts new Altered State album and have been stuck on it for more than a week.
  17. The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home
    by gates
    Burned Us Alive Burned Us Alive
    This album is every bit as good as You Are All You Have Left To Fear.
  18. Other Things
    by Plini
    Heart Heart
  19. Fade
    by Cloudkicker
    Making Will Mad Making Will Mad
    instrumental solid proggy rock - he's a solo artist from what i understand... a well made album. i'll be looking into more from him.
  20. Riot of Colour
    by Cyril Snear
    Band Width Band Width
    excellent proggy rock group recommended to me by mike vennnart. The drummer really brings out the best in each time signature without overdoing it. great melodies selected by the singer. guitars bring together rock and ambient. distortion/delay. possibly influenced by Oceansize as they're from manchester. glad i got them. my favorite album of the two.
  21. Fluent In Seven Types Of Monotone
    by Cyril Snear
    Evolution Has A New Face Evolution Has A New Face
    excellent proggy rock group recommended to me by mike vennart. while riot of colour is my favorite album of the two - this album holds my favorite song. the ending of Evolution kicks all kinds of ass with the distorted dirty guitar chords that makes me enjoy throwing house pets at walls in a fit of joy and euphoria.
  22. Dyed In The Wool Ghost
    by British Theatre
    Defeat Skeletons Defeat Skeletons
    British Theatre is no replacement for Oceansize, but the sound that came out of the two peice band did much to cope with the loss of my favorite band. This would be my favorite EP of the two. I am without doubt looking forward to an album from them.
  23. EP
    by British Theatre
    Gold Bruise Gold Bruise
    British Theatre's music is extremely hard to explain. A drum machine in odd time signatures, beautiful and intense sound from ingram's keyboard, and the familiar creative guitar riffs that spew from the mind of vennart give life to a band unlike anything i've ever heard. British Theatre IS a beautiful, calm, intense emotion - expressed in organized sound. An emotion that we all have experienced and can recall well.