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  1. Unlorja
    by Journal
  2. Reflections Upon Darkness
    by Rannoch
  3. Transmetropolitan (Remastered)
    by War From a Harlots Mouth
  4. Withdrawn
    by Sacrificed Alliance
  5. Critical.Error
    by The Algorithm
  6. Doppler Effect
    by The Algorithm
  7. Terraphage
    by Ovid's Withering
  8. Diabolos
    by Plaguebringer
  9. Perspicacity
    by Aronious
  10. Negative Space
    by Artificial Silence
  11. Incorporeal
    by Stoned God
  12. Joint Ventures
    by The Odious
  13. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  14. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
  15. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
  16. Salutogenesis
    by Soulsplitter
  17. Nothing Lasts, Nothing's Lost
    by Jakub Zytecki
  18. Scryers of the Ibis
    by Ovid's Withering
  19. The Compass
    by CIRCLES
  20. Sic Luceat Lux!!!
    by Grailight
    Homo Divinus (Iniquitous Yoke Part II) Homo Divinus (Iniquitous Yoke Part II)
    It's really a shame that an album like this will only be experienced by a few individual.