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Vincent Amar

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  2. Metal
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  1. The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers
    by Cosmic Putrefaction
  2. Oscillate
    by pg.lost
  3. Debemur Morti
    by White Ward
  4. Empire Of Love
    by Violet Cold
  5. Insomnia
    by A Light in the Dark
  6. The Procession
    by NaKhArA
  7. Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm of Hyperborea
    by The Clearing Path
  8. Orogeny
    by Anachronism
    I just discovered this nugget last month, bought it instantly in physical version. The artwork is sick, the composition and execution are astonishing and the sound really well-balanced and pleasing to the ear, yet quite unusual for the style. To crown it all, a female singer in Tech Death, especially with such talent, is still a quasi-exception nowadays !
  9. A Long Journey Home
    by A Light in the Dark
  10. Ikigai
    by Abiotic
  11. Red Bird
    by Outrun the Sunlight
  12. Asteroidi
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura
  13. [∞]
    by Borgne
  14. Dagian
    by Old Forest
  15. The Sky Over
    by Void of Silence
  16. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
  17. starCross
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura
  18. An Oath to the Void
    by Astral Path
  19. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
  20. Vacuum Solution
    by Mesarthim