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  1. Let There Be Fire
    by Aviators
    Awakening Awakening
  2. Dead V (Extended vocals version)
    by Dreamhour
    Beautiful track. Somehow manages to sound fragile and powerful all at once. Love it!
  3. Retreat (feat. Heclysma)
    by Dreamhour
    Ah, Dreamhour does it again. This track puts me in total disco mood. But it's really chilling all the same.
  4. beet tape
    by DRMHR
    hit cinema hit cinema
  5. Think. Think. (demo)
    by Dreamhour
    Nice demo. Very short, though. I really like the sound of Dreamhour.
  6. Howling at the Moon
    by Aviators
    Resurrection Resurrection
    Aviators, eh!? Hell yeah!
    Again a Halloween album that surprises with its sound. Not really scary. But real good once again. I selected "Resurrection" as my favorite track. But it really depends on my mood. "The Far Side" especially is fantastic as well.
  7. The Unfinished Story of the Unknown Band
    by Dreamhour
    Better Friends Better Friends
    A beautifully relaxed Synth album. Feels like returning home after a glorious night out. When you wander through empty streets at the break of dawn and you get that feeling the city is all yours.
    Love it! More please!
  8. Cavalry (The Aviators Remix Collection)
    by Danny Burns
    Meet You At The End (Techno Cinema Remix) Meet You At The End (Techno Cinema Remix)
    The best remix album of Aviators' songs I know of. Has a lot of power. Some of these remixes I enjoy even more than the original songs. Which does not happen that often.
  9. Dystopian Fiction
    by Aviators
    Dystopian Fiction Dystopian Fiction
    Another masterpiece from this fantastic artist. Sounds somehow cleaner, more polished than his earlier works. This might be the album best suited to a mainstream audience. While this isn't always a good thing, there's still the distinctive sound of the Aviators here. It just hits exactly the right balance. I'm ever more wondering why Aviators isn't ruling the charts. What's wrong with this world? I mean seriously! Get in, people! This is just fantastic music.
  10. A Song That Never Ends
    by Aviators
    Alive (Winter Cavalry Remix) Alive (Winter Cavalry Remix)
    Needed a second listen, as there are some tracks I didn't connect with.
    But there's also enough truly awesome stuff. And some of the softer songs have grown on me as well now.
    All in all another great album. Just not my favorite from Aviators.
  11. Acoustic II - EP
    by Aviators
    Mechanical Instinct (Acoustic Version) Mechanical Instinct (Acoustic Version)
    Even better than the first Acoustic EP. Hard to choose a favorite track. For me this alternates between "Wolves" and "Mechanical Instinct". It really depends on my mood. Both I like way better than the Originals.
  12. The Villain
    by Aviators
    Teasing sound. Not one of my favorites. But still very enjoyable.
  13. Infinity Awaits Us: A Royalty Free OST
    by Aviators
    Omnia Paratus Omnia Paratus
    I sometimes listen to this kind of music while I'm at work. But mostly it just doesn't stick with me. While I appreciate the work put into an album like this, I simply prefer vocals.
  14. Wake Me When it's Over - Single
    by Aviators
    The first single from the Dystopian Fiction album. Good indication of the new Aviators sound.
  15. Lights (feat. Feather)
    by Aviators
    Oh, this is sweet and beautiful. Not your typical Aviators sound. But I'm loving it nonetheless.
  16. Acoustic - EP
    by Aviators
    Heroes (Acoustic Version) Heroes (Acoustic Version)
    Simply beautiful! Every track is pure magic.
  17. Mirrors (Deluxe Version)
    by Aviators
    Ashes Ashes
    Although I discovered Aviators through a song from his Stargazers album that was included in a Synthwave-Compilation, this is actually his first album I listened to. It sounded so different back then, but didn't disappoint at all. I instantly became a big fan.
    To quote another fan: "An Alternative and Electronic fusion that is a delight for ears and hearts alike." I couldn't have said it any better.
  18. From All Sides (Deluxe Version)
    by Aviators
    Shadows (Feat. Glaze) Shadows (Feat. Glaze)
    This is one of Aviators' early albums. His fourth I think, not counting the remix albums. His style was a bit different then, compared to recent releases. Even some EDM in parts. I only became a fan in early 2017, so it took me some time to get used to. I generally prefer the songs that already showed the direction he was heading with his music. But a song like "Voices of the Crowd" wouldn't have been out of place at this year's Parookaville.
    Quality album. Definitely worth a buy.
  19. A Dream Revisited - EP
    by Aviators
    Worlds Collide (Particle Mix) Worlds Collide (Particle Mix)
    A mixture of beautifully atmospheric orchestral / electronic tracks and some hard electronic instrumentals. As I love the former but can't do anything with the latter, this is really a mixed bag for me.
    Bottom line, I like it but don't love it.
  20. Building Better Worlds
    by Aviators
    Bulletproof Bulletproof
    This album is part of a trilogy, with 'Stargazers' and 'Dystopian Fiction'. It's the weakest of the three imo, but still a very good album.
    And for me "Bulletproof" is easily one of Aviators' five best songs. Which is saying something, as there are a lot of fantastic Aviators songs out there by now.
  21. Equestrian Revolution
    by Aviators
    Love is in Bloom (Aviators Remix) [Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage] Love is in Bloom (Aviators Remix) [Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage]
    This is a remix album. The original songs were created by other artists. So don't expect typical Aviators music here. Still, I have to admit, listening to this album is real fun. It's not exactly deep, but very uplifting.
  22. Bulletproof
    by Aviators
    One of my favorite Aviators tracks. The lyrics are fantastic. And the sound is constantly gaining in power throughout the song.

    "Sticks and stones
    Are gonna break my bones
    But the words are gonna break you
    The truth is gonna shine through"
    "You can shoot me down, but you're never gonna hide the truth
    'cause words are bulletproof"
  23. Writing on the Walls
    by Aviators
  24. From Oceans to Skies
    by Aviators
    From Oceans to Skies (feat. Tarby) From Oceans to Skies (feat. Tarby)
    Less electronic, more Rock, still Aviators, still awesome. You have to give him credit for reinventing himself again and again while always staying on top of his game.
  25. What's Up - Single
    by Aviators
    What's Up (feat. SlyphStorm, FritzyBeat, Luna Jax, Faux Synder, EnergyBrony, and Jasper Synth) [4 Non Blondes Cover] What's Up (feat. SlyphStorm, FritzyBeat, Luna Jax, Faux Synder, EnergyBrony, and Jasper Synth) [4 Non Blondes Cover]
    I'm sorry Aviators! But I really don't see the point of this. At least for me as the listener. You probably had some fun there.
    And it's really not a bad track. But I prefer the original.
  26. TARDIS - EP
    by Aviators
    Doctor Who Suite Doctor Who Suite
    Two powerful instrumentals and one nice vocal track. Not bad, but a bit short and no must have for me personally.
  27. Equestrian Revolution III
    by Aviators
    Fallen (Aviators Remix) Fallen (Aviators Remix)
    This is the best of the four EQR remix albums imo. I don't know the original songs, to be honest. But these remixes sound damn good.
    Highly recommended.
  28. Constellations - Single
    by Aviators
  29. Crash
    by Aviators
  30. Sweet Dreams
    by Aviators
  31. Stargazers
    by Aviators
    Apocalypse State of Mind Apocalypse State of Mind
    Wow! This is Aviators at the peak of his powers. It just doesn' t get any better. Although he may surprise me there. Here he unites Industrial Rock with Synthwave to absolute perfection.
    This is not only my favourite Aviators album, it's also my favourite Synthwave album, by some distance and one of my top 5 albums all-time.
    How to pick a favourite track though, when there's one killer-track after the other? In the end I chose 'Apocalypse State of Mind'. But there were at least 8 others in the running.
  32. Haunted House - And Other Stories
    by Aviators
    The Beginning of the Nightmare The Beginning of the Nightmare
    I don't think there's another artist out there that can create songs that are both dark and beautiful the way Aviators does.
    So my expectations for this album were sky high. And I have to say, I was a bit disappointed at first. It just sounds different to what I expected.
    But it's grown on me. And I really like it now.
    As a soundtrack for your Halloween Party it's to short unfortunately. But I have done my own Aviators Halloween playlist now and I'm happy with it. Included five tracks from this album.
  33. Equestrian Revolution 2.0
    by Aviators
    Good Girl (Aviators Remix) Good Girl (Aviators Remix)
    Another Remix Album. I do not like it as much as the first EQR, to be honest. One outstanding track in "Good Girl" though. And a nice medley towards the end.
  34. Canterlot Carols - EP
    by Aviators
    One Hearth's Warming Eve One Hearth's Warming Eve
    A nice little Christmas EP. Could do with a few more tracks, though.
  35. The Lost Songs
    by Aviators
    Bittersweet (VIP Remix) Bittersweet (VIP Remix)
    Not too much here for me. The songs I like best I pretty much own already. E.g. "Monster", "If you only knew" or "Tonight". And I don't think these new versions add too much to them.
    Worth it for the "Bittersweet" Remix.
    I think this one is on "Flying under the Radar". But this album is not available here.
  36. Equestrian Revolution 4: Uprising
    by Aviators
    Shut Up and Trust This (Aviators Remix) Shut Up and Trust This (Aviators Remix)
    The fourth EQR remix album. Pretty good album actually. Still, I prefer Aviators own songs over his remixes.
  37. Aeterno
    by Aviators
    The Path Home The Path Home
    I'm not a big fan of instrumentals. But when I'm in the mood this is my go-to-album, as Aviators just can't do wrong. Nice mix of electronic and orchestral tracks. Some dark, some uplifting. Still my favorite track is the only one with vocals. One of my all time favorites from Aviators actually.
  38. ReCharged
    by Aviators
    Stompa (Aviators Remix) Stompa (Aviators Remix)
    Wonderful remix album. So full of energy. Love it!
  39. Restless - Single
    by Aviators
  40. Ghosts in the Code
    by Aviators
    Fool's Gold Fool's Gold
    This is a strange one for me. I don't play this too often. There's just not this one stand-out track here. I don't think I would put a single song from this album in my Aviators Top 50.
    But every time I listen to it, I think f--- me, this is a damn good album.
    It just shows you how high I rate Aviators.
  41. Welcome to Paradise
    by Aviators
    One of the first Aviators tracks I listened to. Also one of his best. I still love it dearly.
    Can also be found on the fantastic "Stargazers" album.
  42. Cake - EP
    by Aviators
    Home (Feat. Poni1Kenobi) Home (Feat. Poni1Kenobi)
    Mostly electronic instrumentals, which is not my kind of thing.
    But then there are 'Lullaby' and 'Home'. Two Pop/Rock songs that seem so completely out of place here. But thank God they're there. Especially "Home" is quite fantastic. Made it worth a buy in the end.
  43. Black Holes
    by Aviators
  44. The Fear of Flight - EP
    by Aviators
    Monster (Alternate Orchestral Version) Monster (Alternate Orchestral Version)
    One of the early EPs. I like "Monster" a lot. The other tracks are okay, but nothing special. Considering the high standards Aviators has set.
  45. The Adventure
    by Aviators
    If You Only Knew If You Only Knew
    Not one of Aviators' best works. But still quite good. Some early highlights like 'Second Chances', 'If you only knew', 'Tonight' or 'One last letter'.
    'One last letter' could really do with a remaster though.