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  1. All Hours
    by Anz
  2. Katarsis garanteeritud
    by Florian Wahl
  3. Emotional Dance Music
    by jiafeng
  4. Draama-Helmi kuistilla
    by Draama-Helmi
  5. Perfect Boy
    by Newboy
  6. EP "Прощай. Вернись" (2020)
    by Kashtanka
    Ошибки Ошибки
    There are a lot of fresh emo bands in Russia, but a selected few of them create equally catchy, heart-wrenching and reassuringly heavy songs one after another.

    Kashtanka's sound is familiar from bands like Daïtro, Raein, Touché Amoré and the like, but the production here puts those legendary bands, dare I say it, to shame. The instrumentation and vocals are spot on, radiating traces of sludge metal, post-rock and pop punk through cracks of the solid, melancholic emocore rumble.
  7. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
  8. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
    glass beach glass beach
    Album of the year.

    The record has touched me deeply as it has many other people. For me it was love at first sight; for some it's a grower. The first Glass Beach album is a companion that will never make you feel unsafe.

    The first Glass Beach album is the true emo jazz record you've dreamt of, and so much more. It is full of heartwarming lyricism, jawdropping song structures, hilarious genre cameos and goes very very hard, too.
  9. Kurushimi
    by Kurushimi
  10. L'Rain (Deluxe Edition)
    by L'Rain
    Heavy (But Not in Wait) Heavy (But Not in Wait)
  11. Indigo Green Brown Orange (Deluxe Edition)
    by IGBO
  12. Cura (UBT007)
    by ai/wu
    Healing music, as the title suggests. Numerous cases of Cura healing the ill have been reported.
  13. D.R.U.M.S. (UBT004)
  14. Divine
  15. Gemini
    by Machine Girl
  16. Epitaph
    by Nico Niquo
  17. White Girl
    by mus.hiba
    Thick but ethereal, resulting in an unbeatably hypnotic sound
  18. Pasaraya
    by Sawi Lieu
  19. Selenitic Landscapes
    by Xepter Rose
  20. Another Language
    by This Will Destroy You
    An earthshaking, rare dialect of a familiar post-rock language. Virtually another language (pun intended), and it's beautiful.